"The one who wanders."
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The latest Travel Story  Cambodia -7 Revisited Tips on how to enjoy Koh Rong’s nightlife

"The one who wanders"
A solo travel blog of
Tips & Pics.


Munich, Germany.

“Solo travel knows no rule. Just follow your instinct” – Poudre d’Escampette

Hey you! So nice to see you on Poudre d’Escampette, a solo travel blog born from my experience as solo traveler in Australia. To give you inspiration on how to travel solo & tips about travel photography. Because we need no one else but ourselves to see the World!

What's up? Latest photo & travel tips to read!

For you, solo traveller.

For you, beginner photographer.

Koh Rong’s nightlife… or the island where you’ll go wild

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What lens should I buy ? Short camera lens guide for beginners!

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What's up? Latest photo & travel tips to read!

For you, solo traveller.

Koh Rong’s nightlife… or the island where you’ll go wild

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For you, beginner photographer.

What do you really need in your photo equipment? List for beginners!

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Meet Poudre d'Escampette

Made of photography, travel stories and a good dose of passion. I’m Ophélie, Frenchie solo traveler. I left Europe for 2 years after my studies in marketing. With no plan but one idea – to backpack Australia on a Working Holiday Visa… solo. And it’s how Poudre d’Escampette started – solo travel blog and photography from an end of the world. To give you tips for solo traveling and photographing as beginner!

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Lanzarote, Canaria islands 

Big adventures start with little solo travel tips ...

Either as (future?) solo traveler, working holiday maker or beginner travel photographer, you’ll find articles and photos from inspiring places on this solo travel blog. I tested the backpacking life in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. That’s why all tips on Poudre d’Escampette are based on my own experience. I hope that you’ll find some help and inspiration to start your next solo trip… and maybe your future travel photography gallery.

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Solo travel tips about Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia.
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What I find awesome as solo backpacker? Listening to the travellers’ stories I meet along the way. It’s way better than a Netflix serie and it it’s always so surprising. Backpacking life viewed by other wanderers. Cool stories to write down on Poudre d’Escampette. 

Yoga and meditation on travels

“Travelling gave me so much more than I expected. I planned to travel for half a year, but after a few months I figured out that half a year feels like nothing while being on the road. So many cultures, landscapes and people. So much to learn and so much to experience.” – Sven, a Dutch yoga and meditation addict.

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Tasmania itinerary - Lake Burbury
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