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Australian landscape photography - My fav' snapshots

Solo travel Blog. To explore Off-the-path & on the cheap.

“Solo travel knows no rule. Just follow your instinct” – Poudre d’Escampette

A solo travel blog born from my travels in Australia. You like places away from tourists? You want to travel on the cheap? I share my tested solo travel tips, coming from my 2 years of solo travels in Australia and Asia. And here is my little story


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Secret place at Lanzarote_me - Unepoudredescampette

The most off-the-path Canary island: volcanic vibes and hidden gems to see once in your life! My fav’ places here.


How to make the best out of your 2 weeks in Vietnam? My recommendations of highlights and less touristy places to not miss!

South crater Tongariro: view from inside the crater

Australia or New Zealand on a WHV which one is for you? A personal review from my experience as a working holiday maker to help you decide.

Tasmania road trip - The arch at Bruny island - unepoudredescampette

Itinerary - Tasmania East Coast

Tasmania East Coast, or the multi-talent destination.
Cool places to see on a trip, with the itinerary I followed myself.

Favorite photo tips.

Tips that beginner photographers like the most on Poudre d'Escampette.

Photo gear

What do you really need in your photo equipment? As a beginner photographer, I share 11 items I take on photo trips + my checklist to download.

Rice fields Vang Vieng -

Photo editing

How to edit photos using Photoshop? In 6 steps easy to apply on Photoshop or your preferred photo editing tool, get very personnal look for your images. With no headache!

Inspirational vibes

Let the mind wander. Customized accessories for you and your cosy place!

Big adventures start with little solo travel tips ...

Remember: solo traveling is something which will bring you more than you might think! And since big trips start with little tips, you’ll find on this solo travel blog tips I used myself during my travels. I hope that you’ll get some help and inspiration to start your next solo trip… and maybe a new passion for photography!