Top 9 reasons to visit
New Zealand North Island
on a road trip

Emerald lakes Tongariro most beautiful places in new zealand north island. View from the path above.
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At the edge of the world, there is this piece of earth – actually, submerged part of an underwater continent. Surrealistic landscapes, volcanos: already some pretty good reasons to visit New Zealand. And more precisely, the North island. Why you shouldn’t miss a road trip there? 9 absolutely good reasons to go for it!

Don’t lose too much time preparing your road trip’s itinerary. Just take the one I used myself.

Best places to see and travel tips in my New Zealand north island Itinerary 14 days, here! 

A road trip in New Zealand: easy peasy! #9

If you’ve been in Asia, I’m sure you’ll understand my point. A good reason to visit New Zealand is the fact that organizing your road trip will be quite straight forward.

It’s easy to move around, to find rental cars, to drive without being in the middle of a giant chaos, or simply to communicate in English anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my travels in Asia, because it’s so different from everything else. But I’ve to admit, the road trip in New Zealand was a piece of cake to organize. Of course, the Kiwis’ island is comparable to Australia and modern infrastructures make it easy to travel.

If you’re looking for an easy road trip, with not much more to do than picking up the car at the airport and go straight on travels, New Zealand’s north island is a good bet!

Practical good reason to visit New Zealand: temperate climate #8

No overheating, no over freezing (well, except if you choose to travel New Zealand in the middle of winter). In my opinion, the temperate climate deserves a place on the list of the top reasons to visit New Zealand. Temperatures are bearable from spring to autumn, above all on the north island. In summer, the barometer goes up to 25 degrees in average. A good deal to enjoy outdoors and hiking without burning under the sun!

When to visit New Zealand north island

The fun one: Travel to New Zealand to live the backpacking life #7

This one is for the backpackers among us. I remember that I hesitated myself a lot between a Working Holiday Visa in Australia or in New Zealand. Even if I eventually chose to go for backpacking Down under, I saw that traveling to New Zealand as a backpacker seems also to be a fun thing!

First, the working holiday visa in New Zealand is cheaper – it matters! Second, the Kiwis’ island is way less crowded than the backpackers’ hot spot, Australia. Meaning: less concurrence to find jobs, more space to breathe anywhere you go. And that’s the whole point of New Zealand: wild, empty, back to the roots! But still, Wellington, Queenstown or Auckland are places where it’s pretty easy to meet other backpackers. And, as backpacker, you’ll benefit of special discounts on many things like transportation.

Get into Maori heritage #6

When it comes to get to know the spirituality, culture and traditions of indigenous tribes, I think that New Zealand is one of the few examples to do it good. I got a bit shocked in Australia, regarding the aborigine integration – obscure. Traveling to New Zealand North Island was quite different. 

Especially on the north island, the Maori culture is well represented. People are proud of their heritage. If you feel like encountering another culture with strong spirituality and rooted in Nature, you definitely should visit New Zealand. Maori reserves, traditional art and food are easy to find across the two islands. And I can tell you, Maori culture is impressive. Ironic thing: I experienced Maori tribal rites in the Western Australian bush, and I won’t forget this moment of 80 people chanting warrior psalms all together.

Visit the north island as a loop Australia – NZ – South East Asia #5

Think of it: amazing South East Asia and crazy Australia are just a few stones away from New Zealand. Traveling to New Zealand is the perfect occasion to combine 3 continents in one life-time trip. Flights are pretty well connected, above all between Oz and Nz. For me, one really good reason to visit New Zealand was its proximity with these 2 destinations, which were also on my dream bucket list.

Why to visit New Zealand, for aspiring photographers: you won't come back without good shots! #4

If you feel already attracted to photography, I can guarantee you that doing a road trip in New Zealand will give you the photo bug! Even if you have no idea whatsoever how to take photos, like it was my case: it’s pretty hard to come back from travels in New Zealand without some spectacular shots. And that’s why the impressive sceneries, the vivid colors, are very valid reasons to visit New Zealand to practice photography.

Papamoa Beach with extinct volcano in the backgroundat sunset New zealand north island

Diversity of landscapes on the north island: no day is the same #3

Volcano, beach, lake, forest or rivers: the good thing about a road trip in New Zealand is that it doesn’t get boring. There are many different landscapes to experiment. So, fans of chilling on the beach or hyperactive hikers can go together, they’ll all find something for their liking.

Top 2 reason to visit New Zealand: push your limits #2

At first, I didn’t think that I would end up climbing a volcano on my road trip on the north island. But it’s what happened, and I’m still super proud of this accomplishment! A good reason to go to New Zealand might also be to do things you would never think of doing. Queenstown in the south island is also the place to be if you’re into adrenaline winter sports.

New Zealand north island - me at the top of Tongariro Alpine crossing

The absolute reason why you should go to NZ: a life-time road trip through surrealistic landscapes #1

You can find many reasons to visit New Zealand – from easiness of road tripping, to bearable temperatures. But there is in reality only one reason why you should visit New Zealand once in your life: the incredible Nature.

Doing a road trip in New Zealand is basically like being on another planet. It’s wild, often untouched, and always breathtaking: you’ll just feel at the edge of the world. Which is literally the geographical reality! New Zealand’s landscapes are not really made to be described on paper. They are made to be seen, by your very own eyes!

South crater Tongariro: view from inside the crater

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