Top 10 reasons to go to New Zealand North Island

Top 10 reasons to go to New Zealand North Island

Top 10 reasons to go to New Zealand North Island – on a road trip

Often forgotten in comparison to the South Island, New Zealand North Island is a pure nature gem. It’s still now the best place I’ve traveled to. I can’t tell enough how much you should go there. But to help you make a decision, if still not convinced, I list below some top reasons to do a road trip on the North Island.

Number 10 - For the ease of road tripping

North Island of New Zealand seems to be made for us, road trip lovers. Here is why!

  • Roads – even if mostly twisty and narrow, they are in a good state. Drive on the left hand side.
  • Public transport – well developed in cities and quite good connexion on the whole island.
  • Safe country – stability and occidentalized island.
  • Backpacking destination – backpackers network. Easy to find travel mates.

Number 9 - To live a backpacking adventure

New Zealand North Island is one of the most popular backpacking destinations. Thousands of young backpackers fly there every year with a working holiday visa (LIEN). It’s possible to connect with fellow travellers and go on a road trip – an advantage for solo travellers. Also possible to find backpackers’ jobs to finance the road trip.

  • Good for solo travelers – Easier to find travel mates
  • Backpackers’ jobs – To finance the road trip
  • Discounts and deals for backpackers (working holiday visa needed)

Number 8 - For cultural traveling

Kiwis (not only the iconic bird!), inhabitants of New Zealand, are hearth warmly people. They’ll help if you need it.

  • A lot of home stays on the North Island – authentic way to discover the region.
  • Woofing – work for accommodation at locals’ properties
  • Maori culture – well represented on the North Island of New Zealand – Rotorua.

Number 7 - For the diversity of activities

Because the North Island is full of changing landscapes and natural resources, everyone will find something to do. Hiking lovers or beach addicts, it'll be your paradise!

Number 6 - For the proximity to Australia and South East Asia

The North Island in New Zealand is on the edge of the world... but also very well surrounded by other awesome travel destinations!

  •  Perfect stop to include into a bigger trip – world trip, Asia / Oceania trip
  • Easy to go to and from Australia (cheap travels for backpackers / possible to get both working holiday visas)
  • Cheap flights from and to SEA

Number 5 - For the temperate climate

Nver too hot or too cold, the North Island in New Zealand will make you happy if you don't bear extreme temperatures.

  • Mild and sunny in summer – 20 to 25° C 
  • Dry and fresh in winter – 0 to 15° C
  • Rainy and mild in autumn – 14 to 19° C
  • Nice in spring – 15 to 19° C

Number 4 - To practice or discover photography

No need to say it, a place like the North Island in New Zealand can’t be ignored by photographers. So many occasions to take magnificent shots! Even better for beginner photographers – it’s a good way to gain confidence in photographing because the places have all something beautiful to capture.

  • Inspirational landscapes 
  • Nature and wildlife photography
  • Motivating for beginner photographers
  • Awesome playground for every photographer 

Number 3 - To see preserved Nature and emptiness

Nature, Nature and Nature! New Zealand’ North Island looks like the human crowd wouldn’t have put its feet there.

Landscapes are amazing. It’s green, blue, gold and silver. It’s  a different scenery behind each curve of the road.

  • 14 national parks in total (4 on New Zealand North Island)
  • Preserved rainforest and clean beaches
  • Pure colors according to the season – intense green and blue in summer, vivid yellow and orange in autumn, pure white snow in winter. 
  • Calm and uncrowded places

Number 2 - To get a one life time road trip experience

If you want to feel alone on Earth, united to the Nature, you will find that on the North Island. Maybe because it’s less touristic than the South Island, the North Island offers magical moments of calm and serenity. It’s also very very romantic! The emptiness and the beauty of every place you see is inspiring. Fall in love with your travel mate, find yourself again, enjoy this exceptional tranquillity.

  • Wilderness
  •  Ease of camping

Number 1 - Because there is no reason to not go to New Zealand North Island!

North Island of New Zealand is one of the most amazing travel destinations to go once in life. For its landscape like no other else, for the feeling of being taken back to Pure Nature.

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