What to see in Tasmania? 35 top places!

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Tasmania, ever heard about it? It’s this tiny island at the south of Australia where the Tasmanian devil was once the king. So, what to see in Tasmania? Some very nice places! Only 3.000 km away from the Antarctic, Tasmania is often called “the little New Zealand”… because it’s so green and authentic.  After a 2 weeks road trip across the island, I share with you 35 must-see places in Tasmania!

Overview - What to see in Tasmania?

  1. 3 Tasmania’s must-sees in Hobart
  2. 8 best places on the Tasman Peninsula
  3. 8 Tasmania East Coast’s gems
  4. What to see in the Center
  5. 4 wild spots on Tasmania’s west coast
  6. Bruny island – 6 things to do

How much for a 7 days trip on Tasmania's east coast ?

From 350 $

Tasmania East coast itinerary - Unepoudredescampette

Tasmania East coast itinerary, from our travels – I traveled the east coast myself, along with my travelmate Shefka. We share our own itinerary and our first-hand tips. To focus on cooler things and forget the hassle of finding info to prepare your trip!

What to see in Tasmania's lovely town of Hobart

The 3 must-sees places not to miss in Hobart

If Hobart might not be the craziest party spot of all Australia, it’s the place to be for a chill weekend. Departure point to Antarctic expeditions, the coastal town is the perfect starting point to a Tasmania road trip. And to meet chilled solo travellers. But what to see in Hobart, during a short stay? 

1. The coolest museum of Australia - MONA in Hobart

What to see at MONA, Hobart?

A museum of old and new art… it might not sound that entertaining at first. But don’t judge a book by its cover. MONA is a surprising and must-see place to see in Hobart! Located outside of town and surrounded by the sea, it’s not just a simple museum. You can also drink beer, eat cheese and taste wine at its 2 wineries, or take photos of the seascape outside. Inside, there are impressive and unique collections of modern art, playing around with experimentations and high-tech.

MONA Hobart_Tasmania road trip

MONA, Hobart

Travel tips to visiting MONA in Hobart
  • Fee 30$ adults
  • ID required at the entrance
  • Time to spend: min. 3h, whole day if you can
  • Access by bus: 510, 520, 521, 522, X20 pass Mona

2. Hobart from above - Must-see place of Mount Wellington

What to do at Mount Wellington, Hobart?

I personally really liked this spot! Mount Wellington overviews Hobart’s Bay and is easily accessible by car. You can even try out the ascent by foot. Hikers will also find hiking trails. And for photographers, Mount Wellington is a must-see place to go!

3. What to do in Hobart downtown - Salamanca market

What to do at Salamanca Market?

Want to chill out in Hobart? Salamanca market is a famous place in Tasmania’s capital. It’s a lively market at the harbor with plenty of local food, fish and hand-made things. To go out in Hobart, it’s also near Salamanca market that you’ll find your happiness: lovely bars (also with yummy Belgian beer) with live music!

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In the Nature: What to see on Tasmania's Peninsula?

8 nature gems to explore on the Tasman peninsula

The Tasman peninsula is your getaway to Tasmania’s Nature. Ideal for a short road trip, 3 days are already good to travel the peninsula. What to see on Tasmania’s Peninsula? Here are my 8 favourite must-see places!

Eaglehawk neck

Fortescue Bay

Cape Raoul

Remarkable Cave

Lime Bay

Tasman Arch

Devils Kitchen

What to see on the Tasman Peninsula - Overview

Eaglehawk neck will welcome you onto the Peninsula. It’s an isthmus connecting to Tasmania’s mainland. What to see there? Nice landscape, and a cute town! A good introduction to the natural gems of the Tasman Peninsula. Do some groceries, fill the tank, and take some travel snaps!

If you have time to make a detour by the North-West, go to Lime Bay. A precious wild place, which is a natural reserve for wildlife. There is a campground, recommended by my friend Shef. Cape Raoul will be your next stop. Don’t miss the  lookout and the cool surf spot Ship Stern Bluff. Awesome views on the sea! Shef tells you more about these spots and the must-see places on the Tasman Peninsula here

My favourite places to explore on the Tasman Peninsula are on the East part. Remarkable Cave is very cool. Just be careful not to go at high tide.  Then, head to Fortescue Bay – a peaceful lake nestled in a forest, with wallabies. Spend a night at this campground, right on the lake’s shores!

what to see in tasmania - me at fortescue bay - unepoudredescampette

Port Arthur isn’t mentioned in my list, because it’s a touristy place I don’t consider as a must. But it’s a historical site of interest for sure, if you’re interested in it. 

Pay now a visit to The Tasman arch and the Devils kitchen. Cool nature spots to see and ideal for short walks, hikes, and nature photography. On the way, there are some beautiful beaches to stop by. Take your time and make stops!

what to see in tasmania - tasman arch - unepoudredescampette
Tips to what to see on Tasmania Peninsula
  • Hobart to Tasman Peninsula  –   1h30
  • Fortescue Camp – up to 15$ fee for a car
  • Port Arthur historic site –  World heritage listed convict site: 39$

Beach, hikes & chill - 8 cool spots on Tasmania East Coast

8 nature gems to explore on the Tasman peninsula

The Tasman peninsula is your getaway to Tasmania’s Nature. Ideal for a short road trip, 3 days are already good to travel the peninsula. What to see on Tasmania’s Peninsula? Here are my 6 favourite must-see places!

Coles Bay 

Sleepy Bay (Freycinet)

Honeymoon Bay (Freycinet)

Wineglass Bay (Freycinet)

Hazards Bay (Freycinet)

Mount Amos (Freycinet)


Bay of Fires

Where to travel on Tasmania East Coast - Overview

Start at Maria island, a cute little island you can visit in a day or two. Then, head to Coles Bay. It’s the gate to Freycinet national park…  ‘postcard’ places to see in Tasmania. Smooth and delicately shaped landscapes welcome travelers. It’ s one of my favourite places in Tasmania. Freycinet national park is the perfect combination of hiking in mountains and sun bathing on preserved beaches.

After traveling Freycinet, go up on Tasmania east coast. In Bicheno, not much to do except the Blow Hole. Cool to see! Penguins also come out at sunset. You will see plenty of them in the north of Tasmania and on Bruny Island.

Save the best places to see. A Google map to keep with you. For free!

Up North, what to see? Bay of Fires area is a vast coastal national park. This touristic top place to go doesn’t belong to my favourite ones in Tasmania. Still, its red rocks contrast nicely with the shades of blue of the water. I enjoyed taking photos there even if without the sun it looks less spectacular. The coastal scenic drive is a thing to do during the road trip and the stop at Binalong Bay is worth it.

Tips to what to see on Tasmania Peninsula

  • In Coles Bay: fill up the car’s tank, find a hostel, have a nice coffee.
  • Freycinet National park: 60$ per car 

Tasmania's Center - 8 wild places to see

8 ultimate places for nature lovers

Exit Tasmania East Coast’s beaches. Welcome to wild mountains, caves and deep blue lakes! What to see in Tasmania’s center region? I give you the 8 highlights of my own road trip.

Dove Lake

Cradle mountain

Walls of Jerusalem

Mole Creek Caves

Lake St Clair

Lake Burbury

Russel falls

Tarraleah falls

What to see in Tasmania Center zone - Overview

Cradle mountain belongs to THE mythic hiking places to see in Tasmania. The 8 hours long walk to the summit gives a stunning view above Cradle mountain national park. 

Cradle mountain - View on two mountain's lakes unepoudredescampette

For the others, the scenery is already idyllic enough around Dove Lake. And about Walls of Jerusalem? It’s one of the wildest nature places to see in Tasmania. Walls of Jerusalem hides beautiful views of the island’s alpine lakes. The walks are not easy… and made for well-equipped hikers.

Keep my Google map with best places to see on a Tasmania itinerary on the East + Center. For free!

Incredible nature gem of Tasmania right on your way to Lake St-Claire, the Lake Burbury suddenly points its nose behind the highway’s curve. From the top, it’s a dark blue lake. From the bottom, you see a majestic scenery – green little islands interrupting a barely moving water. It’s not mentioned in tourist guides but definitely one of the must-see places. Lake St Clair is in the same style. But there, you could see platypuses if lucky!

Tips to what to see in Tasmania’s center region

  • From Bay of Fire to Cradle mountain – 4 to 6h
  • Cradle mountain summit: 6 to 8 hours return
  • Dove lake, Glacier rock, Boatshed: 2 to 3 hours return
  • Jerusalem Walls: 800m climb for a 34km return walk – 2 days hiking
  • Free camp spots apps: Campermate – Wikicamps

What to see on Tasmania's West coast

4 must-see spots on the west coast to travel to

My friend Shef gives you useful tips about what to see in Tasmania western part. He traveled the west coast for 2 weeks, and speak about the stunning wilderness of the landscapes. Find below some of the best places to stop.

Artur River


Macquarie Heads


What to see in Tasmania Western part - Overview

Take the scenic highway drive from Queenstown to Strahan passing by King River Gorge. The railway along King River Gorge is a scenery a la Harry Potter – green, mysterious and magical. In Strahan, take the ferry to Macquarie – a convict historic site in Tasmania, more isolated than Port Arthur. 

Bruny island

4 must-see spots on the west coast to travel to

Last stop, but not the least, on your Tasmania road trip: Bruny island! A great place to go! To chill out, to go back to the beach… and to see surfers. There is of everything.

The Neck

the Arch

Adventure Bay

Breathing rock

6 cool things to do on Bruny island

  • Walk to the Arch and its deserted dream beach, North Bruny
  • Watch the Fairy penguins at the Neck, at dusk
  • At Adventure Bay stop at Tasmania’s most gorgeous beaches, South Bruny
  • Go for a cruise to see dolphins, sea lions and the impressive “Breathing rock”
  • Camp at a free spot next to Cloudy bay and its beach under the milky way
  • Surf (or watch surfers!) at Cloudy Bay, South Bruny island national park

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