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Tasmania, ever heard about it? It’s this tiny island at the south of Australia where the Tasmanian devil was once the king. Only 3.000 km away from the Antarctic, Tasmania is often called “the little New Zealand”… because it’s so green and authentic. What are the top places to see on a road trip in Tasmania?  After a 2 weeks road trip on the cheap across the island, I give you insights into Tasmania’s secrets.

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East Coast in Tasmania

3 top places to see in Tasmania from Hobart up to the East coast.

1. Tasman peninsula

Cape Raoul Tasmania Peninsula
Tasman peninsula coastal drive
Tasman peninsula road trip - Remarkable cave
Photo - Places to see road trip in Tasmania - Freycinet national park
Eaglehawk neck

Fortescue Bay

Port Arthur

Remarkable Cave

Cape Raoul

Tasman Arch & Devils Kitchen

Lime Bay

Tasmania is a place to live away from the civilization for a while. Experiment it on Tasman peninsula on the road trip’s loop. One of the stunning nature spots there is Remarkable Cave. The water impressively rushes into the dark cave’s mouth. Climb down and join the surfers to feel as small as a water drop …

Travel tips

Camp at the beautiful camp spot Fortescue Bay in Tasmania’s pure nature – amazing places off the beaten track.

Book in advance or leave the money in the box at the entrance


Drive time

Hobart to Tasman Peninsula      1h30


Fortescue Camp: up to 15$ for a car

Port Arthur historic site –  World heritage listed convict site: 39$


2. Tasmania East Coast: Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park

Places to see - photo Freycinet TAS
Tasmania east coast road trip - Wineglass bay
Tasmania self drive itinerary_Devils Kitchen

Coles Bay

Honeymoon Beach

Sleepy Bay

Hazards Beach

Cape Tourville

Friendly Beaches

Wineglass Bay

Mount Amos

Coles Bay is the gate to Freycinet national park…  ‘postcard’ places to see during the road trip. Smooth and delicately shaped landscapes welcome travelers right in front of a placid sea. It’ s one of my favourite places in Tasmania. After that, Freycinet national park is the perfect combination of hiking in mountains and sun bathing on preserved beaches.

Hot travel tips

In Coles Bay: take a break, fill up the car’s tank, find a backpacker’s hostel, have a nice coffee.

To sleep at a cheaper rate and without booking, look at hostels and camp spots before entering Freycinet national park.

At Freycinet park: buy a holiday or a year pass for all national parks in Tasmania. Valid up to 8 weeks

Drive time

           From Tasman Peninsula to Coles Bay                     



National park 

60$ a car –holiday pass

3. Up North on Tasmania East Coast

Photo places to see - Bicheno Tasmania
Tasmania east coast road trip_Wombat Maria island


Binalong Bay

Bay of Fire

Mount William 

Bay of Fires area is a vast coastal national park. This touristic top place to go doesn’t belong to my favourite ones in Tasmania. Still, its red rocks contrast nicely with the shades of blue of the water. I enjoyed taking photos there even if without the sun it looks less spectacular. The coastal scenic drive is a thing to do during the road trip and the stop at Binalong Bay is worth it.

My tips

In Bicheno not much to do except the Blow Hole. Quite cool to see. If you are a bit in a rush go to Bay of Fire and skip the penguins. Indeed, they come at sunset. You will see plenty of them in the north o Tasmania and on Bruny Island.

Drive time

Coles Bay to Bicheno                                30mn

Bicheno to Bay of Fire                                1h40

The West of Tasmania

Wild places - hikes in Tasman mountains

Nature photography - Cradle mountain Tasmania
Tasmania self drive itinerary - Lake Dove
Tasmania itinerary - Cradle mountain hike

Cradle Mountain

Dove Lake

Mole Creek Caves

Walls of Jerusalem 

Cradle mountain belongs to THE mythic hiking places to see in Tasmania. The 8 hours long walk to the summit will give a stunning view above Cradle mountain national park. That’s for the hiking lovers. For the others, the scenery is already idyllic enough around Dove Lake. And about Walls of Jerusalem? It’s one of the wildest nature places to see in Tasmania. Walls of Jerusalem hides beautiful views of the island’s alpine lakes. The walks are not easy… and made for well-equipped hikers.

Travel resources


Cradle mountain summit: 6 to 8 hours return

Dove lake, Glacier rock, Boatshed: 2 to 3 hours return 

Jerusalem Walls: 800m climb for a 34km return walk – 2 days hiking

Camp ground

Go to the only free camp ground near Cradle. We found there a lake at the bottom of a green valley after a forest road. Amazing spot.

Free camp spots apps: Campermate Wikicamps


From Bay of Fire to Cradle mountain – 4 to 6h

Don’t forget to stop at the glow worms Mole Creek Caves between Walls of Jerusalem and Cradle!


From Launceston to Walls of Jerusalem – 2h40




Photography and relax time at the lakes

Tasmania itinerary - Lake Burbury
Nature photogtraphy - Lake Burbury TAS Australia
Lake Saint Clair - Tasmania road trip
Russell Falls - Tasmania road trip

Tarraleah Falls

Lake Burbury

Lake St Clair

Russel Falls

Incredible nature gem of Tasmania right on your way to Lake St-Claire, the Lake Burbury suddenly points its nose behind the highway’s curve. From the top, it’s a dark blue lake. It looks like a glacier. From the bottom, you see a majestic scenery – green little islands interrupting a barely moving water. We saw a clear lake in shades of cooper and dark blue. It’s not mentioned in tourist guides but definitely one of the places to see in Tasmania’s centre. Lake St Clair is in the same style. But there, you could see platypuses if lucky!

By car

From cradle mountain to Burbury – 2h30

From Burbury to St Clair – 2h

Pure Nature and few tourists - Western West Coast

Cradle mountain - Tasmania self drive itinerary
Places to see - Bruny Island picture


King River Gorge



Take the scenic highway drive from Queenstown to Strahan passing by King River Gorge. The railway along King River Gorge is a scenery a la Harry Potter – green, mysterious and magical. In Strahan, take the ferry to Macquarie – a convict historic site in Tasmania, more isolated than Port Arthur. 

Train fees: around 120$ AUD

South of Tasmania

Surf and city life

Places to see - landscape photography - Bruny island
Places to see - Bruny Island picture

6 cool places to see on Bruny Island

  • Walk to the Arch and its deserted dream beach, North Bruny
  • Watch the Fairy penguins at the Neck, at dusk
  • At Adventure Bay stop at Tasmania’s most gorgeous beaches, South Bruny
  • Go for a cruise to see dolphins, sea lions and the impressive “Breathing rock”
  • Camp at a free spot next to Cloudy bay and its beach under the milky way
  • Surf (or watch surfers!) at Cloudy Bay, South Bruny island national park

My travel tips

Observe the cute blue penguins after sunset! At the Neck rangers will give you red light pocket lamps.

Drive time

From Lake St Clair to Bruny  – 4h30


MONA Hobart_Tasmania road trip
Landscape Photography - places to see - Hobart

The last city before the Antarctic – Hobart is a nice little harbor town at the south of Tasmania. It’s an excellent starting point for the road trip across Tasmania… and a good spot for your photo shootings in Tasmania. Mount Wellington, which overlooks Hobart, will be the perfect final step.

Salamanca market

Royal Botanical gardens

Mount Wellington

MONA museum

Travel recommendation

Sleep at Narrara backpackers! The best hostel I’ve stayed in Australia. Mo the owner is super friendly and on top of that his hostel is the cheapest, the cleanest and the nicest one in Hobart!  It’s a real home away from home

Drive time

From Bruny to Hobart – 2h

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