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How to find the right travel partners
- A guide for solo travellers

Author Ophelie Harnichard Blog

Written by Ophelie
Updated 9th March 21
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Y You want to go on a road trip. You need nice travel partners to share the adventure. How to find travel mates for your road trip? Get some travel tips!

Find travel partners in 3 steps


  1. Why to look for travel partners
  2. Where to find them
  3. How to know if they are suitable to you

Travel partners - For who?

  1. Solo travelers
  2. Backpackers

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Why to go on a road trip with travel mates?

A beautiful Friday night on the hostel’s rooftop in Brisbane Australia, stars in the sky, a beer in the hand and a good bunch of people. That’s how I met my first travel mate. 

That’s how I embarked on an amazing road trip in New Zealand. It was my first backpacking trip with a travel mate I didn’t know before going. But while landing in Australia, I told myself to try new travel experiences and this one definitely belongs to backpacking life.

Some advantages of being with travel partners

Paradoxically, traveling with a stranger is one of those challenges of solo travel trips. Finding travel partners for your road trip has got several advantages. 

Lake Saint Clair - Tasmania road trip

Where to search for travel partners while traveling?

First of all, the perfect travel mate is not to be found! The whole thing of doing a road trip with travel partners you don’t know is namely that you take the risk of … the Unknown! Personalities interact in a complex way and everyone has shortcomings. Keep that in mind while looking for your future travel mate.

Where to look for travel partners? Travel tips and ressources

While backpacking in Australia I found a number of ways to find travel partners for a road trip. 

The best one in my opinion is to meet fellow travelers at the hostel where you’re staying. It might sound cliché but I stick to the fact that nothing can replace a first contact face-to-face. It’s a question of alchemy why you’ll go towards a person and not to another, why you’ll start creating a bound.

If you’re working as a backpacker, you also might have the opportunity to connect with your fellow coworkers. There are so many other backpackers and solo travellers at farms and in hospitality jobs! The good thing is that backpackers working at farms or in hospitality are in the same boat. It often creates strong boundaries. Just making new friends and contacts at your workplace could lead you to find future travel partners.

If it doesn’t happen the natural way, the wonder of modern technologies comes to the rescue. I name Internet, its bunch of social networks and apps. Made for globe trotters, backpackers and solo travelers, apps and groups on social networks enable you to connect with fellow travelers.

Facebook to find a travel mate :

Facebook is a good start. Look in the groups related to the city from where you want to go. Travel mates – Australia is an example if you travel down under.

Gumtree : only in Australia

It’s an all-and-nothing platform! Like Ebay, you can find of everything on Gumtree. From jobs, cars… to travel partners! Always be careful, there are scams sometimes. Don’t give any personal data there.


Applications on mobile to find travel partners and lifts :

The pros: backpacker community – travel tips per region, city, country- travel ideas – on mobile – intuitive interface – messenger chat

The cons: a bit impersonal – big group chats

  • Hophopride

The +: up to date profiles and routes – position of the lifts – detailed profiles

The -: only for lifts in Australia – still not a lot of users

The +: official website, well-known from travellers. Also to find volunteering jobs.

The -: need to sign in and pay a fee

How to know if your travel partners are the Ones to go on a road trip with?

You now have a potential travel mate for your next road trip. The question is: how to know if this travel mate could be the suitable one for the trip? Even if it’s not possible to predict that before traveling together, it’s really useful to ask the right questions to your travel mate. 

How to know if these travel partners are for you? 6 questions to ask

You’re going to literally live with the travel partners all around the clock. The more you know about your travel mate, the better! Communications is a must, before and while the road trip.

All these questions depend on each personality and travel preferences. So, here one of my travel tips: take time to think about your expectations.

The most important advice I could give is yet to trust your instinct. If you have a good feeling about the travel mate and the road trip, it’s a good start. After all, it’s a human adventure, as unpredictable and full of surprises as travelers can be!

Take it easy, it’s not forever … or maybe yes! We are solo travelers and embarked on our own adventure… we are free like the wind and everything can happen.

With a travel partner in New Zealand

Extra travel tips for your road trip - in Australia

While road tripping in Australia with your brand new travel partners:

  • Plan first a one to 2 weeks trip. It’ll give you time to explore places on the road and to get to know the travel mate. You still can decide to travel together longer if it fits!
  • Check the app Wikicamps to know more about camp spots across Australia. It provides the travelers with info about free and paid camps, the facilities and other stuff. It’s a gold mine while being on a road trip.
  • Install an app to track expenses. You’ll know who owes who what – a big help when it comes to share costs on a road trip with your travel mate.
    • Try Splitwise: Paypal transfer available
    • Install Divvy: snap an image of the receipt and send it to each travel mate. 0,99 cts to  download.
Author Ophelie Harnichard Blog

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