Art images – or how to create a different photographic world


Creative photography is storytelling per excellence. It plays with the photographic realities.  Art images show you the world from another perspective – with imagination and creativity. Get inspired by creative photos!

Art images – gallery


People and Art

This photo serie in art images talks about people… seen from another perspective. As silhouettes, people lose their own identity to become artistic subjects. The surroundings are very important. They integrate the silhouette into a story which will be different for each spectator looking at these art images.

Of Colors and Textures

In this art images serie, the pictures show particulary vivid colors and interesting textures. A lot happens in post editing. I enhance the textures of the elements to make the photo lively. Drops, leaves, glass… any simple detail we normally oversee gets in these photos the whole attention.


“Highlighted” gather my first art images. Rather than working on the photos only in black and white, I wanted to add some peps to the pictures. So, I chose details which were for me the heart of the photo. I enhanced the colours of these elements. For that, I transform the surroundings in a black and white scenery. The highlighted details stand out but still remain discreet. I keep the balance of the images.


Here we leave photography to step into a colourful world.  The photographic subject becomes art in the real sense of the term. I modify colours, contrasts, curves and saturation to completely change the photographic reality into art images.

About art images

What is creative photography ?

What do you think of if I say art images? Images which look like painting, drawing… photos which look unrealistic. Also called creative photography, art images are the contrary of representational photography. A simple example: think about photojournalism. It shows reality as it is, without any modification. On the contrary, creative photography is about emotions, perceptions and subjective reality. Because of its strong visual power, artistic photography became a real photo style through the boom of advertising and commercial pictures. Textures and colours are key in art images. The photographer is not looking for rendering basic reality. That’s why art images are the result of creative changes. These one happen mostly through photo editing. 

At this point, we can already argue – and it often happens! – about the sense of photography. A lot of people say to me that photography should show reality without cheating… a photo is a testimonial of what people live and see. Well… let’s be open-minded! Photography is also a form of art. And art knows no rules except expressing emotions and feelings.

Why you will love working on art images

Maybe you haven’t thought yet about turning your photos into art images… I tell you why you should try! Creative photography definitely makes a lot of fun. You can capture weird shots and actually make something cool of them. There is no restriction – it’s all about your imagination!  Exit the rules of realistic photography, hello improvisation. The photo becomes your canva, like the painter in front of a blank sheet. Textures and colours

The only difference is that our main tool in creative photography won’t be a brush but photo editing software. It’s no spoiler: Photoshop, Gimp and co. are our best friends when it comes to art images.   Nowadays, digital photo editing let the photographers go beyond the photo itself. Working on art images will teach you precious skills in retouching. Also in improving your sense of aesthetic.

My tip to work on art images: capture what really inspires you!

Let’s get inspired!

Nudes, landscapes, daily objects, portraits, textures or abstract photo subjects… everything can be reinterpreted. Looking at other photographers’ work is a good practice to understand what art images are about. I found a selection of creative photos which will talk better than too many words!

 People say photographs don’t lie. Mine do – David La Chapelle

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