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Australian landscape photography –
Between sky and sea

Australia’s photos – Little impressions from the road

A little tour of an essay at Australian landscape photography : from Cairns on the East Coast to stunning Perth in the West. I kept inspired from day 1 to the last during my 2 years Down Under, getting slowly into travel photography… and keeping a taste of Australian landscapes. To feel again in love with the most inspiring places I saw in this country I just can’t forget.

Why to start with travel photography in Australia ? Well, it’s just a stunning playground to practice on different types of photography : landscapes, cloudscapes, cities with their busy vibes and street sceneries… You can practice and find your own style without lacking of inspiration. Plus, and it’s super important when being a beginner photographer : landscapes are so amazing that you have better chances to get good photos and Instagram material, even when starting out !

Intense – Australian landscape photography on the Wild West Coast

Australian landscape photography at Albany, West Coast
Australia travel photography in Perth
Hamelin Bay - Landscape photography - 3 birds on the pier

Another coast, another vibe. And my absolute love go to the West coast. If I could, I’d go back there, find a husband and just stay ! To do Australian landscape photography, the West Coast will give you plenty of wilderness to dive in. Australia’s travel photos over there are made of beaches with turquoise waters and white sand beaches I still consider the best ones I’ve seen in all my travels.

Travel photography of Australia East Coast – A backpacking journey

Photograph-lake-stones-Australia-Blackdown- Tablelands-park
Tablelands in Cairns, national park
Nature picture - closeup of Cape Tribulation's main beach
Cape Tribulation, Cairns Australia
Australian landscape photography at Mission Beach

Australian landscape photography on the Australian East Coast is everything except boring ! Mountains and skies on fire in Sydney’s outback : checked. Contrats of green, blue and yellow on Fraser island beaches : cool. Mystic vibes in Cairns’ rainforest : triole checked, because this spot is really amazing.

There are many types of photography to practice on : cityscape, landscape, forests… And all seasons to be found all year round, from cold and rainy Melbourne to tropical Cairns.

Tasmania - Australian landscape photography in a green paradise

Tasmania self drive itinerary - Lake Dove
Australia photos - Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain
Travel google list - Tasmania East coast + center
Tasmania itinerary - Cradle mountain hike
In the bush - Travel photography at Bruny Island, Tasmania
Tasmania road trip - The arch at Bruny island - unepoudredescampette
The Arch, Bruny Island Tasmania

Digital travel guides - Tasmania, Australia

Australia travel photography – What to expect ?

Easy and super inspiring : Australia leaves you with plenty of Instagrammable spots, with good chances to capture beautiful shots, also as a complete beginner in photography. What travel photo gear to take with you to start on the right foot ? All details in my article, and some hints already : A light-weight camera you’ll feel comfortable with, a tripod for shooting landscape, a Photoshop or editing apps to give a nice touch before publishing your awesome Australian travel photos !

To do travel photography in Australia lets you try different things to find your preferences. Shades of yellow, of blue or red : either in the sky, the desert, the rain forest or on the coast, Australia has got it all.