Travel stories – from Cairns to Cape Tribulation

Travel stories – The ones who went to Cape Tribulation and met the rainforest

You want to travel from Cairns to the rainforest, destination Cape Tribulation! Let get inspired by some photos and impressions from the road. Illustrated travel stories of a one day trip.

On the way to Cape Tribulation – road trip start

Sea and twists on the road between Cairns and Cape Tribulation

Cairns, Australia. It’s an August morning, too early for a late sleeper like me.

Still, I am ready to go on a road trip along with two fellow German backpackers, destination Cape Tribulation!
I, Alex and Paul have decided to set off for the day to Cape Tribulation, its famous beach and the rainforest.  It’s a motivated backpackers’ team which embark on this travel. The bottom line of the road trip will be spontaneity and no big plan – Or how to travel relax from Cairns to Cape Tribulation.

We’re barely outside of the city that we are amazed by the landscape. The highway from Cairns to Cape Tribulation is a jaw-dropping scenic drive. It is a twisty road which follows the coastal line… and which reveals stunning landscapes behind each turn.

Uphill and downhill, we travel along deserted beaches, a bright blue sea and magnificent mountains covered by the rainforest.

Mossman Gorge and the Daintree National Park – in the heart of the rainforest

Our first stop will be Mossman Gorge in the southern part of the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park. Arriving at the entrance to Mossman Gorge centre, you’ll love the view of the Gorge – an impressive rocky mountain rising up to the blue sky.

Mossman Gorge is still owned by its traditional occupants, the Kuku Yalanji people, one of the aboriginal communities in Australia.  The Aborigines’ story is a quite dark tale and for us foreigners, an unknown aspect of Australia’s history. The indigenous settlement at the gate of Mossman Gorge National Park is an interesting insight into the Aborigines’ lifestyle – an attempt to preserve their origins while adapting to the modern society, a balance between simple life and modernity. And if coming back to a simpler lifestyle was the way to be happy? In any case, that’s how I feel while wandering through the peaceful rainforest.

In the heart of the Daintree rainforest, Mossman Gorge is part of the UNESCO listed Wet Tropics of Queensland. I can’t help feeling like in a Jurassic Park movie. The tropical vegetation is pure wilderness. The photos talk by themselves. Mossman River stretches lazily in the middle of the rainforest. Clear water and big shiny rocks invite to relax. Enough talking … now, it’s time to put the bikini on and to take a swim in the transparent water … my favorite activity!

Exploring Cape Tribulation – travel stories of our short road trip

We reach the region of Cape Tribulation after one and a half hour drive away from Mossman Gorge, one “lost on the way” episode (it was to expect with me and Alex as co pilots) and Alex almost throwing up ( twisty roads = a lot of fun, but Alex doesn’t seem to agree on that …).

Cape Tribulation waits for you at the end of another adventurous drive … beyond the Daintree River. To travel in Australia is definitely not boring!

And now the fun part of the travel : narrow and winding roads follow the steep mountain slopes  in the daintree rainforest, cassowaries  are on their way … welcome to Australia, its lot of road trip adventures and travel stories!

On the way to Cape Tribulation, we stumble upon one of the most stunning views I’ve seen in the tropical north of Australia. Alexandra Bay Lookout, in the region of Cape Tribulation, provides a great view on the rainforest from the top.

The green sea of tropical trees and the bright blue of the daintree river flowing into the ocean stretch ahead.
It’s so blue, it’s so green… it’s photos and selfie time ( in this case, we are tourists or we are not …)

Cape Tribulation is finally within sight. We jump out of the car, camera in one hand, swimmers in the other. Let’s go to Cape Tribulation and its beach.

Nested in the daintree rainforest, Cape Tribulation is surrounded by mangroves and cliffs covered by tropical vegetation. Up and down, a touch of turquoise sea here and a slice of shiny green forest there… what’s best than chilling on the sand, swimming in the transparent water and chasing the best travel photos of Cape Tribulation?

I love having a whole sandy shore just for me …and that’s possible, even on a touristic spot like cape tribulation. Just get off the track and here it is, a few miles away from Cape Tribulation’s beach…  a lonely place surrounded by green mountains and the sea. It’s also the opportunity to take some travel photos of Cape Tribulation without tourists.

Conclusion of an awesome one day road trip 

More than the beach itself in Cape Tribulation, it’s the travel on the coast from Cairns to Cape Tribulation and the rainforest which filled my eyes with bright colors and stunning views of an untouched nature. A paradise on earth or how to become aware of the amazing nature on our planet Earth…

Have you been there? What’s about your impressions and travel stories in Cape Tribulation? Share your adventures with us and write a comment!

Photos by Ophélie Harnichard, 2017

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