Closeup photography

Closeup or how to make the little bigger

Fortescue Bay

Tasmania, Australia

02nd of February 2018

Sony A6000, f/3.5, 1/1000, ISO 200, aperture priority


It might look old, the outfit neglected, a feeling of immense tiredness … still, he stands there with an obvious pride. It’s the pride of having seen more of the sea than any other one staying motionless on the shore. He is the traveler who comes back from a long trip. He took risks and also experimented deep sadness and intense happiness…  the one who dared to live his life.

Composition and photo technique

This photography shows a closeup of a boat on the shore of a lake. The aperture priority is used to create a bokeh, the shutter speed is adjusted by the camera according on the light – cloudy but during the day, so luminous enough to get a high shutter speed. The background is blurred to lead the full attention on the photographic subject thanks to a wide aperture – the depth of field is low, creating an effect of proximity with the boat which looks bigger at the second plan of the photo. The foreground highlights a little bush and stones of the shore – rustic, natural and authentic. The color of the bush, green, matches the color of the boat to link them in a visual boundary… and drawing a path for the eye to our subject of the photo, the little boat.

The photograph captures the spectator’s attention by a second touch of  highlighted vegetation next to the photo’s main object. The shades of blue painting on the boat are also matched by the blue trail in the sky while the grey on the boat, of the water and the clouds are found again in the stones.

What the photo tells…

Blue, green, grey – three colors with the same cold and pale nuances. By looking at the photo we feel quietness, tiredness even. However, the composition in closeup from the low-angle view gives energy and pride to the subject of the photo – the boat… the traveler.


Travel memories from New Zealand – photo montage and story telling

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