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A colorful landcsape photography gallery to see the world high on nuances


Colorful landscape photography -
when travel pictures go intense

This is a colorful landscape photography gallery high on contrasts and nuances. These are nature pictures out of the ordinary. And they defintitely are my favorite images on this photography blog. Because? They look vibrant. Full of intensity. Made of pure colors and contrasts. They are the happy soul of my photo travel gallery, the colorful strike of Poudre d’Escampette. I put down landscape pictures which look sometimes peaceful. Sweet like a marshmallow. And other times, exuberant. But for sure, always intense. They are landscape photos which make you feel extatic. Or calm you down. But above all, they make you feel alive. That’s exactly how I feel myself when I capture such photos on travel. And that’s what makes travel photography addictive to me. Take your dose of colors on Poudre d’Escampette.

This is about... contrasts

– travel photography on Koh Rong, Cambodia and New South Wales, Australia.

Sit next to me. In front of this coton sky and glassy sea. Take a breath. And let me show you the Beauty of this world. All in delicate or powerful contrasts.

Travel photography is... colors and emotions

– colorful landscape photography by the sea. Koh Rong, Cambodia and Perth, Asutralia.

Travel as much as you can. Get lost wherever your camera will bring you. And find these unique moments filled up with  this emotional ‘something’. I love travel photography for snapping such instants – when colors, contrasts, Nature and beings are just One.

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