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Creative images photography gallery - the one where we go Arty

This is a creative photography gallery -
when travel photos go arty

Creative photography, do you know it? Put simply, creative images photography is everything you want it to be. For me, creative images are storytelling per excellence. Take a detail, a color, a shape… and make it tell you its own story. Creative images photography is the way to go beyond Reality. Photos can talk, and they can tell different tales to each pair of eyes looking at them. This travel photo gallery is made of creative images of Nature which intensify colors and textures. New photographic dimensions appear to take you away from the Ordinary. So, let’s go arty on Poudre d’Escampette.

Rule: none.

– Creative images photography in Australia
and New Zealand.

Travel creative photography follows one rule – there is none. Your only limit is your imagination. My travel photos become wild. They get turned into creative images full of contrasts and bright colors. To take you to another World – the one you choose to see.

Art is everything you decide it to be

Arty creative photography plays with Reality to make it Art.

This is all what it is about – twist the down-to-earth Reality we see at first sight. Creative images are powerful storytellers. They tell a different story to each of us. Because they talk to your Imagination.

Creative photography might show you what you hadn't seen

Arty images will reveal details we don’t take the time to look at. That’s what I love in making creative images from my travel photos. Color, contrast, shape… details which get lost in the big picture become the highlight. Creative photography is the art to make elements standing out.

– Creative landscape pictures, Tasmania and Perth, Australia.
– Creative landscape pictures, Koh Rong, Cambodia.

Creative images photography - photo tips.

My creative images are all the result of hours working on Photoshop.
Because creative photography happens on the photo editing side. Some photographers will tell you,
too bad, photo editing is not real photography. Well, I don’t agree on that.
For the simple reason that photography is first of all a form of art.
And that Art knows no limit for creating something which gives emotions and reactions.
Creative images photography is a beautiful way to reinvent your photos.

3 tips to start editing photos:

Think about what kind of mood / style you want before shooting

Get familiar with your photo editing software

Focus on transforming colors and textures to turn a normal photo into art images