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 Latest travel Google List : Siem Reap!

Where to sleep, what to do in Siem Reap Cambodia on the cheap? Google List with landmarks


Munich, Germany.

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How to save time on travel? By having the info you need at one place! Travel guides are very useful, no matter if you are a backpacker looking for job advices in Australia or a traveller searching for good deals. I gathered travel tips I got and used myself during my travels in Australia. There are totally free travel resources for you to download.



Perth, West Coast

Travel guide to Perth 2020 How to backpack Perth on a budget? Find free tips on accomodation, activities for travellers, job advices for backpackers in Perth – based on my own stay!

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This moment of despair when your notes about your travel itinerary got lost… Do you know this situation too? It often happened to me! And here comes a trick I learnt from my travel mate while backpacking South East Asia: the Google travel lists! Simple, but very useful. Points of interests, places to sleep or to eat… all at one place, on the phone! It made me save time. I share here with you some of the travel lists I created. I hope, it’ll help you!


Vietnam, Dalat

The travel List to Dalat, Vietnam The city you didn’t know you would like… Dalat! What to do, where to eat in the heart of Vietnamese mountains.  
Google list Tasmania travel resources

Tasmania, East Coast

3 Google travel lists to Tasmania Based on my 3 weeks of road trip on the Devil’s island, the 3 travel lists with landmarks on the East, West and Hobart region

Perth, Australia

Travel list to Perth What to do, where to sleep, how to find a job for backpackers? A comprehensive travel guide based on my 5 months stay in Perth

Siem Reap, Cambodia

What to see in Siem Reap The must-see landmarks when visiting Sien Reap, a cool destination for solo travellers in Cambodia!

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