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Shefka is an adventurous, funny and full of wise travel tips backpacker. From Bulgaria, he crossed the European and Asian continents before starting a backpacking year in Australia. He is an enthusiastic cultural traveller, always looking for meeting locals and making stories to tell. He gives us his insights and some quick but useful travel tips.


“No matter what they say about places and people; do make the effort to experience it for yourself” Governments, politics etc. do not define a whole nation. All are welcome, no matter the background.

Russia’s most beautiful and old city - Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia. Where diversity enhances the mutual respect. Qul Sharif Mosque (Blue Mosque).

Walk on ice over the deepest lake in the world, eat raw fish with Russian granddads and ask yourself: “Do i really realise what I am actually doing…?” 

Lake Baikal, Turka, Ulan-Ude, Russia.

Travel tips on Russia

Do not let the language barrier to stop you from picking this country. It is a budget destination.
Cards are accepted.
Hostels are cheap and cheerful; finding addresses can be a challenge though.
Cuisine and people are just amazing.
Trains are ultimate travel option with no need to pre-book. Choose basic sleeper to save money (if using sleeping bag tick-off bedding cost). Very safe throughout the country.


“There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I’m born to leave.”

Magnificent worshiping buildings in Turkey

Travel tips in Turkey

Turkey is a great place with an extraordinary history; delicious cuisine and welcoming people with good sense of humour. Not a budget destination.


“Make the most of your experiences, even when you think you are in the middle of nowhere.”


Finding yourself 130km away from your destined location; everything you need comes in the right place at the right time.

View over Jinshanling Great Wall, China
It takes so little to make one happy, even less with toddlers.
Unique place and people - Lugu Lake and Mosuo Tribe.

Trip advices for China

China is a must visit place; do not let the language barrier to put you off from travelling.
Trains are a great way of exploring the country.
Credit cards are not widely accepted, however withdrawing larger amount of cash is possible.
Bargain with polite tone and manners. Follow “Where there is will, there is a way” mantra; there is abundance of travelling options that are not commonly known.
Pay attention when booking hostels; ideally check before you pay for multiple nights; finding hostel is always a challenge, even with a native person (screenshot the street photo to identify and read the email sent after booking from the hostel)


“ Perhaps one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, with amazing cuisine and cheerful people”


Do not underestimate the mountain kiddo; hold on to your bike if do not want to fly down with full speed (I confirm, it is a true story…!)


The enormous butterflies of Northern Vietnam, still gentle and gorgeous.

Ha Giang, North Vietnam

Ultimate photo after full day ride and hardcore motocross in flooded mountainous Ha Giang.

Trip tips about Vietnam

Viet Nam is cheaper than the countries above. But not the top budget destination in South East Asia.
Hire a bike (Stone, Hanoi 6-8USD/day).
Withdraw large amounts of cash; cards outside big cities are not useful; hence always carry cash.
Bargain most times.
Learn some basic few words for ordering food.
Do not worry about time of the year; rain does not melt you or your bike, even in colossal quantities.

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