Wild and full of colors – I share here snaps of our blue planet. Let the mind wander  through landscape photography and nature pictures.


Nature photography – a camera into the wild


Nature pictures – portfolio of images at high altitude

This photo serie belongs to one of my best travel memories. The photos were taken on the North Island in New Zealand on Tongariro volcano. I want to transmit peaceful but also humble feelings in front of the Nature through these photos. That’s the way I felt on the top of the volcano – light and the head in the clouds.

 I did on New Zealand North Island the most amazing road trip of my travels. I wasn’t yet into photography. I learned there my first photo tricks thanks to my travel mate. This landscape photo serie was basically, a year ago, the moment I fell into photography. That’s probably why New Zealand is still for me the best place… to travel, to fall in love and to take photos! 


Landscape photography – the Nature at our feet

The nature photography serie Earth belongs to my Australian adventure. From Cairns to Tasmania, the photos show places and impressions I collected during my road trips in Australia. 

This landscape photography portfolio represents a further step in my photographic work as beginner. I got at this moment my current mirorless camera, a Sony A6000 – also known under the name Hypolyte! I started playing around with manual mode and getting interested in composing in a more creative way.

A good photographer knows only one rule… he follows his instinct. – Poudre d’escampette


Sky and landscape – a stunning match

Sky and landscape can work together to give stunning images. Especially at sunrise and sunset, the sky is a piece of art which surprises me every time. As photographer, sky photography might be common. However, it’s far from being easy! Nature photography becomes here quite challenging. You have to deal with more complex light situations than during the day. Most photos in this landscape serie were taken when I started with photography. I was livinig on a farm in the Australian mountains and I spent a lot of evenings laying in the grass… trying to find an original angle to capture the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen!


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