Nature photography – Landscape pictures from far away

Dive into the wild -
nature photography
and its inspiring landscape pictures

Wild, full of colors but also calm and aerial – my camera gets lost into the wild. In New Zealand, I simply fall in love with the pure beauty of the landscapes. In Australia, nature photography becomes an explosion of intense colors. Feet on earth or on a volcano, nature photo on travel is a way to explain what you can’t put down on postcards. That’s why I share here some snaps of our blue planet. To make your mind wander. To get you lost in nature photography and dreamy landscape pictures. From me to you. With love. Always.


Nature photography in New Zealand, Tongariro national park. 

Should we get a bit of altitude? To change of perspective, to escape the Common… to feel light and alive.

Travel photography

If you don’t mind, I will stay here for a while…

Nature photo travel is about getting upset and falling in love with the landscapes you see. . It is about contemplating before photographing.


Travel photography in the Bavarian Alps, Europe.


Landscape photography in Australia and New Zealand.

Should we travel down under to fill up our eyes with intense colors? Exuberant, crazy, unexpected wild nature…

The green effect of nature photography… feeling like taking a deep breath and enjoying simple things.

Doing travel photography is my way to express the atmosphere of a place.

Another world

Travel photography in South East Asia – Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Inspired by Authenticity – a trip in Asia, which changed my view of the World.

Inspiring places are not the expensive and touristic ones. In Laos or Cambodia, I learnt how to capture the emotions I felt through my travel photography.  A trip full of colorful encounters, stunning landscapes and experiences which changed me for real.

Volcanic vibes

Nature photography in Lanzarote, Canaria islands, Europe.

The island made of volcanic landscapes.

Landscape pictures - 4 tips for beginner photographers

Use a tripod. To get photos as sharp as possible and use long exposure.

Pay attention to composition. Explore the area first. Find a foreground to make the photo dynamic.

Shoot at close aperture (high f/number) if you want to capture a whole landscape. To get depth-of-field and details from the foreground to the background.

Look at the light, time of the day and weather conditions when you do nature photography.