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Do you know this feeling of finding places which talk to you? Off the beaten track places, with no one else there. And with this little something, that makes you feel happy and alive? I have this feeling, every now and then, when I travel. I’d like to share with you my favourite secret places I found on travel. Inspirational spots. Unique experiences.

Off the beaten track in Laos - tips

My favourite travel destination in South East Asia has got some secret places to explore.

Let’s dive into the Unknown. And get travel tips on unique places to add to your travel bucket list.

Phao Thao cave: the cave you visit on your own - A unique place near Vang Vieng

My travel mate in Laos had the talent to find unique places to travel to. And I liked him (among other things) a lot for that. So, what’s the big deal with this secret place, near Vang Vieng?

Well, it’s simply a cave, left as it is… no touristic installations, no gift shop, no tour guide. And that’s the awesome thing of this unique place! Just a guy at the entrance of a path leading to the cave. Who will casually give you a headlamp and show you the way. Drop the small talk in English, not going to work out. We walk towards the dark hole, at the bottom of the mountain, rising up in front of us.

Unique place - cave vang Vieng - me in the cave
Off the beaten track place - cave in Laos - my travel mate sitting in the cave - unepoudredescampette

Let’s say that I was a bit sceptic. So, we go like this to a cave, with just a lamp, you and me? Yes, baby. It’s pitch dark when you enter the cave. Here comes the lamp in play. And show me a giant spider! Super cool… Spiders are my favourite animals, even more in a cave (love sarcasm). I want to go back, but I’m actually totally thrilled by this secret place. With the lamp, we head up forwards. And explore the cave, as we want it.

It’s a small cave, with a kind of defined path. You can’t really get lost. Of course, be careful. Progress slowly and keep the lamp on your front head. It’s a weird feeling. To be the two of us alone inside a cave, just as if we discovered it! Untouched piece of earth. A unique travel experience, as we can’t rarely live them nowadays.

A few Buddha sessions, hello my spider friend on the way back, and we’re out again. A place off the beaten track, which you can’t forget!

How to get to this off beaten track place?

Travel tips to Pha Thao cave, Vang Vieng

  • Fee 10.000 Kip (1$)
  • Get a headlamp at the entrance
  • By motorbike: 11km out of Vang Vieng
  • From Vang Vieng: Rte 13, then follow the sign and take the path