Creative photography

Creative photography – or how to play with textures and colors

The men and the cave

Tasmania, Australia

27 of February 2018

Sony A6000, F/6, 1/800, ISO 100

Photo story

There is just one way which is really worth it… ahead of you, even if it does often mean jumping into the open sea of the Unknown.

Creative photography – technique and composition

Creative photography brings textures and colors into light. It’s a beautiful way to break photographic rules. Because, like in life, every single situation hides thousands of interpretations. That’s the beauty of imagination.

Camera settings

I took the photo in a cave, in other words a really dark place! I also wanted to capture first the silhouettes. They were moving and that’s why I used shutter speed priority. i was facing the sun to get a back light on the surfers. Thus, it gave me a brighter source of light while being almost in the dark in the cave. The higher the speed, the more sharpness you will get on the subject’s movements. High speed freezes movements. The speed priority calculates for you the aperture. In this case, my camera needed a lot of light because of the darkness in the cave. It used a wide aperture (f/small number) to let more light in.

Post edition of the photo

This photo needed a few hours to post edit. Indeed, I wanted to create high contrasts between the surfers’ silhouettes, the blue of the water and the dark cave. I used the sun light entering through the mouth of the cave to get the surfers completely black. I got that when taking the photo and in post editing I just increased the black levels and contrasts.

The interesting part is the blue water on the ground of the cave. I put it on a separated layer. Then, I tried to turn the water streams into blue metallic spots. I modified the curves to enhance dramatically the color. It almost look like painting because of the increased color levels. Also, I increased the sharpness and black levels of the surfer’s reflection to get it crisp. I plunged the cave’s walls into complete darkness to make the water and silhouettes well detached.

Painting photography

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