Outdoor photography

Outdoor photography

Outdoor photography – the one in perspective

Cradle mountain national park


30th of January 2018

Sony A6000, f/22, 1/40s, ISO 200

What the photo inspires

Surrounded by the elements, let us dive into wilderness… where everything finds its place without efforts. Nature photography is there to show that perfection doesn’t need to be planed. It comes from random and harmony.

Outdoor photography – Composition and technique


This photograph aims to aspire the eye into the landscape. I included three photographic plans in the composition. We see first the vegetation covering the shore of the lake. Then we look at the calm water of the lake. Finally. the eye go to the impressive mountain rising up to the blue sky. The plans lead the eye back and forth. Thus, they create the feeling of being overwhelmed by the nature. The green edge of the lake is captured in the photography to reinforce the feeling of non-escape.

The eye can’t get away, unless it reaches the sky away above the high summit of Cradle mountain. The silhouette on the edge brings life into the scenery. But more importantly, it shows the superiority of the Nature by introducing a measurable scale for the eye – the little human figure and the infinite landscape. The power of the elements vs us, little things in the Universe.


I captured the photo at low aperture (f/big number) to get an increased depth of field and sharpness from the foreground to the background. The shutter speed is adjusted by the camera because of the aperture priority mode. The sky was very cloudy this day. The camera needed a low speed to get more light.


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