Painting photography – Australia

Painting photography in Perth

The little red circus

Perth, Western Australia

04th of May 2018

Sony A6000, f/20, 1/80, ISO 100


Modernity versus tradition, fast-paced urban life versus nature – in a world of contradictions, the elements still find a beautiful way of cohabiting – a mutual unspoken agreement to share the photographic space.


I took this photo at sunset when the sun was already gone. Because of that, we get a quite low shutter speed to capture enough light. I closed the aperture to get more perspective.

When I post edited the picture, I made sure to enhance the colors in the sky. I worked on three layers. The first one for the sky, the second for the circus and the third of them for the skyscrapers. I mostly increased sharpness, color levels and play with the curves on each layer.

While putting two elements into conflict the photo also conveys a kind of peaceful atmosphere. The little red circus, if minimized in the photographic composition by the size and its position at the bottom of the photography, still stands out thanks to its bright red and white contrast. The tall skyscraper, looking down at the circus, remains in the shadow of an intimidating stormy sunset sky. The balance of powers is reestablished – sometimes, there is no need to be the tallest. Be the brightest.

My tips

Make sure to paste each element you want to work on separately on different layers. Be also accurate when working on small elements to respect the contours by zooming in. Finally, always review the work by taking a look at the whole picture. Fusion the layers and try getting a balanced image.

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