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Munich, Germany.

“Intuition is good. Data is better.”

Optimize where it brings value, based on your users’ insights and data. Personal online marketing services, to begin your digital transformation. To attract the right users and make them fall for you.

Online marketing services - What I can do for you

SEO marketing services

SEO Marketing

Win awareness by the right users and trust by the search engines

SEA marketing

SEA Marketing

Optimize campaigns and budget to reach the right buyers at the right moment


E-commerce consultant

Run smoothly your E-commerce shop. From product catalog, CMS management to content marketing


From the day on I started my blog during my stay in Australia, online marketing has become not only a job but also a part of my personal interests. I’m now a Jr Online marketing manager with 2 years of experience in E-commerce. My focus lays on SEO, SEA, and content management. I believe that paying attention to details and constant learning make us better. You can also find my online marketing services on my website The Indigo cactus.

Online marketing skills
SEO marketing
Content management (CMS maintenance)
SEA marketing
Emailing Marketing

Online marketing services in 3 steps


Your site’s status quo – Audit

Online marketing services can be many things. To narrow down our work to what your website really needs, we’ll audit its health first. Audits are the first step towards planning useful online marketing services. Tailored just for your needs.


Data-based insights – Reports

Sharing is caring! SEA and SEO marketing services are based on reports and dashboards, regularly reviewed and shared with you. Made to be as clear and digest as possible.


Marketing in action – Optimization

When the road in front of us is eventually clear, it’s time to start optimizing for a smooth digital experience. Keeping in mind both your business’ and users’ needs, we’ll develop online marketing strategies based on our data insights. 

SEO marketing service: why should you think of it?

What is SEO? It’s the organic optimization (non-paid) of your website, focused on its content and its technical aspects, but also on its relations to other similar sites on the web.

Often seen as the ‘turtle channel’, it actually has fundamental benefits. Especially SEO marketing for small businesses is important. When you start out, SEO will help you building awareness thanks to optimized content. And showing to search engines that your website is compliant with their requirements. They will see you as a trustable source for users. And will rank you higher in their results.

The clear benefit for doing SEO as small businesses: no need to pay Google, at the difference of SEA marketing. Keep in mind that SEO marketing services can take 3 to 6 months before showing results.

From consulting to optimizing: SEO marketing service for small businesses

SEO consulting and audits – No website is the same. Before starting any SEO optimization, we want to know exactly where your website stands. To plan our SEO marketing service based on what you need. Technical audits will tell us if your website is fit for the search engines.

SEO data-driven optimization – From keyword review, research and mapping, to technical SEO and content optimization. In order to reach rankings on relevant queries for your website. And keep SEO signals fit for search engines.

International SEO – With 2 years of experience for an international online shop, I’ve got first-hand insights and practice into international SEO challenges. From technical set-up for online shops to localized content and keywords.

What is SEA marketing?

Unlike SEO marketing, search engine advertising (SEA) is the paid channel, mostly through Google. Nothing of a turtle. It works with a system of auctions, based on keywords’ prices. That’s why it requires campaign and budget management, to make the best out of your money. SEA marketing can help you with putting your products in front of customers interested already in purchasing.

SEA consultant – how I can help

Even if my focus is on SEO, I also worked in search engine advertising. As a jr SEA consultant, I can help you with:

Search + Shopping Campaign creation and optimization – At small scale, it’s about building SEA marketing campaigns to attract relevant buyers to your website. On-going ad copies, keyword and campaign optimization is key to adapt to the ever changing environment. Shopping feed and Merchant center management is an extra service to get more visibility for your products.

Why to get E-commerce consultant services?

Online shops are quite easy to create from scratch. But what will make the difference: a digital marketing optimization based on users’ needs, on the CMS specifics and on your own product strategy. It’s not always easy to manage your shop’s life, on top of all things to take care of. That’s why qn E-commerce consultant can help maintaining the shop on the right track, thanks to insights into your database and CMS knowledge.

– CMS management: product catalog

Web design optimization: conversions-oriented adjustments

Content marketing service for your E-commerce shop

As cliché as it might sound: content marketing should be at the core attention of most businesses. E-commerce shops need more than before quality content, no matter where your clients are in their journey within your shop. Because E-commerce marketing became very competitive. And because all other digital marketing channels are nothing without content! Content marketing creation has always been with me, either for my blog or in my job. With SEO optimization always in mind.

– Content marketing service for E-commerce: business objectives-oriented planing, creation or translation at small scale for E-commerce content (product pages, newsletters, related blogs). 

>> Copywriting in French (native) for broad topics. But also in English or German (fluent), for smaller pieces and simpler topics.

Quick Online marketing Tips for beginners

SEO marketing tips

SEO marketing tips - Question #1 Keywords
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