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What lens should I buy for what type of photography? Short camera lens guide for beginners!


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- Tips and tricks from the road - to learn travel photography

Sometimes, I don’t even remember to take off the cache from the lens. Yes, starting to learn travel photography can be overwhelming. And to find travel photography tips for beginners, which are simple to understand, is a good step to become more confident with the camera. For sure, your best help is your passion. As long as you feel the thrill of photographing, you’ll take very nice shots. Because photography is Art. You put a lot of yourself into your photos. You create your own photographic style. And for that, you don’t need photo lessons. But to be honest, it’s also important to know the basics of photography if you wish to take up your skills to the next stage. What camera to choose as beginner? Where to go to learn travel photography without getting frustrated? I gather in this section little travel photography tips for beginners. All photo tips on Poudre d’Escampette are used and tested by myself, also beginner photographer and passionate as much as you are by capturing the awesome stuff around us!


Photography Tips

How to start editing your photos like a pro, and still with no headache? From converting your RAW files to applying Instagram-like filters – Find here 
6 Easy Steps to Photo editing for Beginners

Photography equipment

Spare battery, cleaning lens kit, laptop to edit photos: What are the essentials to take with you? A complete list for beginners 

Travel photography gear – What you really need


Photography Tips

How to create your own and unique watermark for your best photos? A short step by step  guide, easy to put in practice

How to watermark photos by yourself

The simple Travel photography tips to grab on the go

Do you need some very quick tips to take on the way to your next photo session? Learn travel photography tip by tip… Download these infographics for beginner photographer on the titles below.  

- About simple composition and technique - little travel photography tips for beginners

Because Photography is nothing without Composition. Let’s get some basic travel photography tips for beginners. To be inspired. To give the little detail to your photos. The detail which will make them stand out in your photo blog and Instagram gallery. You’ll find basic tips I use myself on the Photography composition and technique page. About how to organize elements within the frame or photo editing ideas to give more peps to images. All photo tips coming from a beginner like you, with no pretention. But maybe it will give you nice ideas to compose your next photographs!


Outdoor photography

One pic, one tip – landscape and its quick photo tip on outdoor photography

Photo editing tip

To enhance colors, to modify texture and make your travel photography looks somehow different from the rest: painting photography

And now... come away with me. To travel photos, to Wanderlust mood.

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