Portrait photography is made of lighting, composing and people… displayed as they are without compromises. 

Portrait photography – gallery

Studio photo

Studio photography – a serie about portrait photography and artificial light

After starting with landscape photography, portrait became for me a challenging but so interesting way of practicing photography. It is not only about the camera and the photographer anymore. Portrait deals with people. My models are myself or friends.They are people I spend time with. They inspire me and I get to know them even deeper through our photo shootings.

The portrait serie in studio is about showing the model as body and feelings – I
put nothing or little around the subject. I set up the lights according to the shape I want to get on the subject’s face and body. Each lighting schema gives to the portrait a specific emotion. Split lighting is my favorite – one side in shadows, the other in plain light… mystery and energy mixed together. 

If you are interested in learning more about portrait composition and technique, read tips here! 


Outdoor portrait

Outdoor portrait photography – people in the wild

Outdoor portrait still deals with people as main subjects on the photo. But it’s now about their interaction with the surroundings – Nature or city. I don’t use artificial light in my outdoor portrait serie. For me, it’s all about the elements I find around my subject and how they come together to make an interesting photo. 

I chose simple compositions as for the studio photo serie. I still focus on the person but I link it to the Nature around – playing with sun light and Nature’s colours. The subject is alone with himself but surrounded by the elements. I try to match the subject’s mood with the surroundings – peaceful state of mind in a warm gold light at sunset or self-confidence with a harsher blue light.

Every subject has unique feelings when I take the photo. Trying to match them with the Nature and the sun light will give a photo full of emotions.