Tasmania East Coast – 8 days itinerary



Tasmania’s east coast – or the multi-talent road trip! You can do everything on the East coast: from chilling on the beach to hiking in the bush or exploring wild islands. Tasmania East coast is easy to explore by car or van. So, get ready and use the 8 days itinerary based on our own road trip!

✓ 8 days itinerary, from Hobart to Launceston

✓ Useful tips for travelers: visa, car rental, indicative budget, Essentials on a road trip

✓ Access and use my Google map

✓ Download the PDF on your phone, your laptop or print it



Why Tasmania’s East Coast?

If you need a break away from the hectic life, Tasmania’s East Coast is for you! I found Tasmania’s East Coast the perfect destination for an easy, yet not boring road trip. Because the Tasman East Coast is full of cool things to do and cute landscapes. The perfect destination to get a mix of chilling on the beach, hiking in preserved Nature, doing photography, meeting penguins… the East coast is easy to travel.

Where to go?

Tasmania East Coast wears many hats – white-sandy beaches, forests and mountains, lakes, even some towns to go out and eat nicely. There are a lot of things to do, for everyone’s liking.

Why get a hand-made Tasmania itinerary?

To plan your trip easily! No need to browse the Web here and there. The Tasmania East Coast itinerary gives you the list of best places to go, on a realistic 8 days trip, and based on my friend Shef’s and my own road trip. And you’ll find the essential to know about which place, indicative driving distances between each stop.

First-hand travel tips about Tasmania East coast –

I also give you access to my private Tasmania east coast map. You can open it in Google maps, save it or share it with your travel mate(s). You’ll find additional useful info in this travel guide. Which visa to travel to Australia? How to rent a car in Tasmania? What to take with you in the van on a road trip? All travel tips are based on our own road trips in Tasmania. My friend Shefka and myself spent several weeks in this region. We both like traveling to non-touristy places, being in Nature, and exploring at our own pace. The shared itinerary is the one we followed ourselves. As travelers by heart, this itinerary is thought to help you, make you save time, and give you guidance on exploring this beautiful island!

Additional information


✓ A 38 pages PDF, with a described itinerary of 8 days
✓ To download and/or to print
✓ Link to a sharable Google Map
✓ Other useful links and quick travel information: visa in Australia, car rental, Essentials on a trip, Tasmania park pass