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Koh Rong’s nightlife, Cambodia – or the island where you’ll go wild


Munich, Germany.


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Perth, Australia?

Cool! I've lived there as backpacker for a few months. Chill vibes. Amazing Nature. You'll love it... even more with free travel tips for savvy travellers, on this solo backpacker blog.

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- First time Solo Travel destinations -
Where to travel solo in Australia & New Zealand?

Yes, you did it… you decided to go travelling Australia and / or New Zealand. So, now, where to travel solo over there? For two years, I’ve been backpacking Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia too. I found some places very nice and easy to roam on my own. That’s why I share with you first time solo travel destinations – tested and approved! So, browse on Poudre d’Escampette’s solo backpacker blog… to get tips and resources to plan your next road trips and short excursions. All advices are based on my own experience. I travel on the cheap. My pride is to avoid tourists and tours. To live the travel experience as a cultural journey, getting lost sometimes to find incredible places for solo backpackers!


Dalat, Vietnam

Are you looking for a place away from the crowd in Vietnam? A place with uncommon spots?Dalat and its very uncommon MazeBar is for you!

Where to go out and what to do on a short trip in Dalat

Tasmania east coast road trip - Wineglass bay

Tasmania, Australia

Next place to see: the wild Tasmania and its nature gems. For all solo travellers, backpacking Australia on the cheap… 10 best spots to see on a road trip just here: 10 places to see on a budget in Tasmania

Perth, Australia

After 8 months of travels on the East Coast, I finally went to this travel destination which attracted me since so long… Perth in Western Australia. Check the pros and cons of backpacking Perth!

Backpacking Perth – is it for you?

- Solo travel guides & chill playlist -
How to keep on your phone usfeul travel tips & music for a road trip?

Travel tips for solo backpackers and tools gathered on Poudre d’Escampette, while backpacking Australia and New Zealand. Ready to use and for free… I made travel resources available on this solo backpacker blog for travelers who want  to save time when preparing their trip. From traveling guides to playlists, choose what you need. To make your backpacking life easier!


A comprehensive guide for backpackers who want to live, work and enjoy Perth on the cheap! I loved Perth as backpacker and I want to help you make the most of your stay in this relaxed city on the edge of the Indian ocean. My travel tips are compiled in this guide, ready to use online… and for free!

Play Video

The road, you, cool travel partner(s)… and chill music! I put together my favourite songs I listened to while backpacking Australia and New Zealand. Inspirational, good mood and romantic vibes on Poudre d’Escampette! You just need Spotify to donwload it.

Your travel tips always with you on the Google Lists

It’s a trick I learnt from my travel mate while backpacking South East Asia. Pin the points of interests, places to sleep or to eat… and have them all at one place, on your phone! It made me save time. And I share here with you some of the lists I created. I hope, it’ll help you!

- Solo Travel tips -
How to solo travel the world with confidence?

Get travel tips to prepare your next trip. I share on this solo backpacker blog travel advices about backpacking and traveling in general. From finding travel mates to dealing with solo traveling and its challenges… little tips make the big trips. The solo backpacker blog articles on Poudre d’Escampette are thought to make your future solo travels easier. To help you organize your trips by yourself.  Because there is nothing better than backpacking the world on your own… don’t stress and get some travel advices here!


Travel tips road trip in campervan

Next road trip in the campervan? How to enjoy the adventure – I give you some Dos and Don’ts while traveling by campervan!

Dos’ and Dont’s on a campervan road trip


Solo travel love stories

When solo travel becomes spicy… and complicated. Love is on the road.

Travel love stories, awesome or not? The truth about it

Tasmania itinerary - Lake Burbury

Travel partners

You want to go on a road trip. You need nice travel partners to share the adventure. How to find travel mates for your road trip? Get some tips for solo backpackers!

3 steps to find travel partners

Inspirational solo backpacker stories to be shared!
Tell us yours.


One said once, traveling is not about places but people. Do you agree on that? As solo traveller, encounters I make on the way are definitely the soul of my journey.  And seriously, what would be a solo backpacker blog without crazy travel stories?
So, let’s share with each other our most inspiring travel adventures.

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