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12 free and fun things to do during on New Zealand’s North Island


Munich, Germany.

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Where to travel solo in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia?

Interested in solo traveling? You’re right! It’s a life-time experience. And I help you, with tested travel tips I used myself on my solo travels. For two years, I’ve been backpacking Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia too. I found cool places, easy to explore on my own. I share with you my destinations for first-time solo travelers in travel articles and resources – tested and approved! To plan your road trips and excursions. 

Freycinet - Traveller having fun - Unepoudredescampette

Tasmania’s West Coast isn’t the common travellers’ route. And that’s why it’s a great destination for Nature lovers! Find cool places to stop, in a 3 to 14  days self-drive itinerary.

what to see in tasmania - me at fortescue bay - unepoudredescampette

Where to go on Tasmania’s East Coast? Your road trip starts here! Get inspired by my 3 tested (by me!) itineraries.

Travel to Lanzarote - Famara surfing beach -

Lanzarote, or the volcanic island! A Nature gem in the Canary’s islands, to relax, surf and take amazing photos!

Siem Reap is one of my fav travel destinations in Cambodia. Because you can experience the city with no tour, easily by yourself. I share 5 things I liked doing in Siem Reap, as a solo traveller on the cheap.

DIY! Self-drive tineraries in Tasmania + Checklists

Itinerary - Tasmania East Coast

Tasmania East Coast, or the mulit-talent destination. Take the leap. Get amazed.
– Find cool places to see on a trip up to 8 days, with the itinerary I followed myself –

Essentials in a camper van on a roadtrip - List preview - Unepoudredescampette

Essentials and nice-to-have in a van, when being on the road! Inspired from own trips, this is a check list to download, to print or to keep on your phone!

Bay of islands - New zealand

Based on my own 3 weeks road trip in New Zealand! I fell in love with New Zealand, and I’m sure you will too. Use my Google map’s itinerary to prepare your trip on the North island.

How to backpack Perth on a budget? Find free tips on accomodation, activities for travellers, job advices for backpackers in Perth – based on my own stay!

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How to solo travel the world with confidence?

Get travel tips to prepare your next trip. I share on this solo backpacker blog travel advices about backpacking and traveling in general. From finding travel mates to dealing with solo traveling and its challenges… little tips make the big trips. The solo backpacker blog articles on Poudre d’Escampette are thought to make your future solo travels easier. To help you organize your trips by yourself.  Because there is nothing better than backpacking the world on your own… don’t stress and get some travel advices here!

With a travel partner in New Zealand

How to make the most of your road trip in a campervan? I share 16 Dos and Dont’s, based on my own road trips. Plus, a downloadable list of essentials to have in the van!


Where to go on Tasmania’s East Coast? Your road trip starts here! Get inspired by my 3 tested (by me!) itineraries.


To all solo travellers on the road since months… Thoughts and tips to overcome downsides of traveling and enjoy your time!


Have you ever travelled with a stranger? It’s cool! So, where to find travel partners? What to ask them before hitting the road? Find some tested travel tips I used myself, as a solo traveller.

Are you ready now to start your solo travels? You’ll see that exploring the world is fulfilling! All advices are based on my own experience. I travel on the cheap and my pride is to avoid tourists and tours. To live the travel experience by your own rules, getting lost sometimes to find incredible places to share with you, solo traveler!