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Tasmania East Coast - 3 tested routes

Author Ophelie Harnichard Blog

Written by Ophelie
Updated 23rd May 21
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Tasmania is by far the most beautiful, easy, safe and cheap to travel state of Terra Australis. This is a personal reflection after living and travelling in all the other states on the mainland. I’m Shef, soul of solo traveler from Bulgaria. But you can also call me ‘Tassie lover’. I’ve visited magical spots on Tasmania’s east coast. And I’ve created for you a realistic and enjoyable Tasmania’s East Coast road trip. A short road trip around Hobart or a longer one on Tasmania’s east coast? Choose from 1-3 days to 7-10 days Tasmania road trips !

Where to go on a Tasmania's East Coast ?


  1. Tasmania East Coast road trip Hobart – 2 to 3 days 
  2. Tasman peninsula – 3 to 7 days
  3. Tasmania East Coast road trip Hobart- Launceston – 7 to 10 days

How much for a 7 days road trip on Tasmania's east coast ?

From 350 $

1 - Tasmania's east coast road trip in Hobart

For the ones on a short road trip in and around Hobart: where to go near and in Tasmania’s capital? A stress-free 1 to 3 day self drive on Tasmania’s east coast!

Must see places in Hobart and what to do - 1 to 3 days

Hobart is small. Hobart is tranquille. Tassie’s capital isn’t made for crazy backpackers’ parties. But you’ll find here nice spots for photographing, nice locals (special mention to Narrara Backpackers!) and the quiet charme of promenades along the shore at Hobart’s harbor. A good way to start your exploration of Tasmania’s east coast.

MONA – A museum not like the others: well worth the money and time, you can go just to admire this so special building. Salamanca market– Famous place in Tasmania’s capital: lively market at the harbor with plenty of local food, fish and nearby, little lovely bars (also with yummy Belgian beer!) Harbor (Constitution dock) & Battery Point – The Antarctic Division Headquarters is right there! Worldwide known research and expeditions towards the Antarctic are led from Hobart’s harbor. A walk towards Battery point gives a nice view from the heights on the Bay. Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens – Quiet place to walk and to do macro photography!
MONA Hobart_Tasmania road trip

MONA, Hobart

Mona travel tips

  • Fee 30$ adults
  • ID required at the entrance
  • Time to spend: min. 3h, whole day if you can
  • Access by bus: 510, 520, 521, 522, X20 pass Mona
  • Visit MONA official website for more travel tips
Tasmania East coast 8 days, from our travels – I traveled the east coast myself, along with my travelmate Shefka. We share our own route and our first-hand tips. To focus on cooler things and forget the hassle of finding info to prepare your trip!

2 - Tasman peninsula: Tasmania's east coast in 3 to 7 days

Upgrade your trip! Leave Hobart to explore the nearby Tasman peninsula. A good introduction to Tasmania’s east coast: wild beaches, impressive cliffs and no time to get bored. 

3 to 7 days self drive: Tasman peninsula

By car: Hobart to Lime Bay

113 km – 1h50

Where to start the self drive on the peninsula: at Lime Bay! It’s located up North on the Tasman peninsula, meaning further away from the other must-see places to see, on the east coast of the peninsula. Lime Bay is a reserve that is also an amazing place with a beautiful beach for kayaking and fishing. The joy of backpacking capricious Tasmania’s east coast!

By car: Lime Bay to Cape Raoul 114 km – 30mn
Tasmania east coast road trip
Cape Raoul Tasmania Peninsula
Head to the bottom of Tasmania’ east coast: to Cape Raoul. When you arrive at the Cape, do not shy away and open the gates of 925 Stormlea – Andy’s campground a.k.a Big Potato. Andy and Allison are ones of the nicest people that you will meet. 10pp for Andy’s compost toilet and sauna is absolutely nothing, and if you ask you will try the best home-made Rhubarb Shampagne. Other cool things to do at Cape Raoul: See wildlife at night, walk to Cape Raoul and Ship Stern Bluff.At Cape Raoul, you’ll get very worthy views on the sea and cliffs. And Ship Stern Bluff is a famous spot for its waves.

Backpacking Tasmania‘s East Coast: tips on Tasman peninsula

  • Fuel: best price in Tas – Lewisham on the way
  • Walk to Cape Raoul: 4h return, moderate
  • Ship Stern Bluff: 3h return, easy
  • Compare rental cars online prices to find the best deal 
Renting a car is the easiest way to travel Tasman peninsula if you don’t own a vehicle. I searched on Kiwi comparator to find a cheaper deal.

By car: Cape Raoul to Eaglehawk Neck

36 km – 37mn

And now, continuing your way on the Tasman peninsula… don’t miss these must-see places! The South of Tasmania’s east coast is spiced by natural treasures. All short but so nice stops! Remarkable Cave is very cool. As these must see spots on the east coast are within Tasman National Park, you’ll only need one Pass to enter then all parks on Tasmania’s east coast.

If you want to visit one of the World Heritage sites, the best-preserved convicts site Port Arthur has to be added to your bucket list. Eaglehawk Neck is the last place to see just before getting out of the Tasman peninsula – natural isthmus connecting the Peninsula to the island.

Must see places on Tasman peninsula

Port Arthur

  • Most known place in Tasmania – best preserved convicts site in Oz
  • Touristy spot – fee 40$
  • Nice to make a break at the fancy coffee shop

Remarkable Cave

  • For photography
  • Quick stop but very worth it
  • Jump above the fence to go inside the cave – impressive! Safe at low tide
Tasman Arch – Devil’s Kitchen
  • Photography place
  • Short walk
  • Natural bridge and trench above the sea

Fortescue Bay

  • For photography 
  • Camp ground at the lake’s shore
  • Magical place to spend a might!
  • Quite rough drive in the forest to access it
  • Camp spot to book in high season
  • Wild kangaroos!
Tasman peninsula coastal drive

3 - Hobart to Launceston: full Tasmania's east coast road trip up to 10 days

Away from the civilization… say hello to Tasmania’s east coast’s landscapes! Well balanced between mountains, quiet beaches and intense blue sea, you’ll feel at peace while backpacking Tasmania’s east coast and its natural gems. I did put together for you two plans – 3 or 10 days self drives, choose how far you’re ready to go for an adventure on Tasmania’s east coast.

From Hobart: 7 to 10 days

A self drive route on Tasmania’s east coast is certainly the route the most used when backpacking Tassie. I put together a self drive 10 days itinerary for you, across the must see places on the still well preserved Tasmania’s east coast. Perfect for photographing, hiking or just chilling on beaches. This 10 days Tasmania east coast road trip can be started either from Hobart or from Eaglehawk.
1. Hobart to Triabunna 88 km – 1h15

Triabunna is the starting point to get to Maria island, one of the unmissable spots, on Tasmania’s east coast. It’ a small one, so if you are in a rush, 1 night stay is doable. Best is to spend 2-3 days there and do free camping, super for beginner photographers and hike lovers. The painted cliffs are probably the most known natural wonder to see there. The awesome point: no car allowed on Maria island! Peace guaranteed.

Travel tips on Maria island, Tasmania east coast
  • Foot ferry: from Triabunna, one every 30 mn. No car!
  • On weekends: best to book online.
  • Ferry fee: 45$ return
  • Bicycle rental 24h: 33$
  • Must eat in Triabunna: Fish Van
  • What to see: Painted cliffs, Bishop and Clerk, Darlington Bay, Haunted Bay
  • Photo_nature_Tasmania

    By car: Maria ilsand to Freycinet

    101 km – 1h17

    In my humble opinion, the highlight of a Tasmania’s east coast road trip is Freycinet national park. Because of its amazing views and its diversity of landscapes – from the blue sea and mountainous view at Wineglass bay or the yellow tinted cliffs and transparent (cold!) waters at Honeymoon beach. Starting point for your road trip through Freycinet is Coles Bay – to do shopping before entering Freycinet National Park but also to free camp near the sea and get very nice views on the sea and surrounding mounts. Totally worth the stop for a night! 

    Freycinet road trip: 2 – 3 days

    Honeymoon Bay Freycinet - Unepoudredescampette

    Must see places in Freycinet National Park

    Coles Bay

    • Gate to Freycinet Park
    • Nice little town with some hotels, hostels and camp grounds
    • To do groceries and fill up the car’s tank before entering Freycinet

    Sleepy Bay

    • Spot to do photography
    • Easy short walk down to the Bay, with giant shiny rocks
    • Cristal blue waters

    Honeymoon Bay

    • To do kayaking, swimming or just chilling
    • For photographers
    • Free camping with toilets and tap water
    • Beach and yellow tinted mountains

    Wineglass Bay

    • Impressive view on Hazards Beach, mountains and the Bay below, from the lookout
    • Steap walk but very well maintained path
    • Wallabis to pat!

    Mount Amos

    • To do photography at sunrise
    • 4km return, grade 3 hike

    The Hazards 

    • Walk through the bush
    • Majestic beach with huge waves
    • Mystic atmosphere – Aboriginals lived there

    Friendly Beaches

    • Place to stop just before exiting Freycinet
    • Windy but worth the view!

    1. Start at Coles Bay

    2. By car: Coles Bay to Bicheni

    35 km – 27mn

    On the way out of Freycinet, you can stop at Swansea. There is one affordable hostel from 20$, Swansea backpackers lodge Tasmania. A good deal to rest for a night, before tackling the upper part of Tasmania’s east coast. Check out the view at Devils Corner (pizza/wines). And if you can, also go to Campbell Town and Ross, 2 villages on the Heritage Highway and reflecting the atmosphere of Tasmania in the 1800’s – well worthy!
    Traveller looking at the sea in Freycinet on his Tasmania east coast road trip

    Next stop: Bicheno! At dusk time, see the penguins near the famous but temperament blowhole. To spot the penguins at twilight, best is also to be very silent and go to a deserted spot on the beach. They are shy penguins!

    Driving at night is not so great, so best to either park nearby cost/beach parks overnight or pay for caravan site opposite IGA and use facilities. Further drive stop at Douglas-Apsley Nat Park.

    Bicheno to Chain of lagoons

    24 km – 18mn

    Chain of Lagoons are 2 very amazing spots on Tasmania’s east coast. A chilled place near the beach and lagoon inlet; for swimming, kayaking. You can also divert to St Marys to see old school high street and eat some pancackes on the way for elephant price.

    From Chain of lagoons to Mt William

    128 km – 2h

    Back en route on Tasmania’s east coast, visit bakery at St Helens; famous spots like Binalong Bay andBay of Fires. Driving up to the northest point of Tasmania’s east coast, you’ll arrive at Eddystone Lighthouse and Mount William Nat Park.This last one is famous for its wildlife and particularly the forest kangaroo.
    Bay of fires - Tasmania east coats - Unepoudredescampette
    If you have extra time, visit Musselroe overnight and Flinders Islands for few days. Otherwise, finish this Tasmania’s east coast road trip driving to Launceston, the second’s biggest (adapt this adjective to Tasmania’s size!) city in Tasmania and starting point for a Tasmania self-drive towards Tasmania West part and center.

    I am Shef, Bulgarian soul of solo traveler. Since 2 years on the road, I’ve spent time in Russia, Mongolia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand… to name a few! I share my used and tested tips for other solo travelers and backpackers. Enjoy seeing the World!