Uncommon things to do in Tasmania, for free? A first-hand list!

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The little things make the best memories… That’s what I took out of my travels in Australia. What cool things to do in Tasmania, without having to plan big? Take your travel plan now, and add to it my 6 fun (and free!) things to do on a road trip.

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Quick list:

  1. Road trip vibes: Camping at Fortescue Bay
  2. Penguin spotting at the Neck, Bruny island
  3. Photo shooting at the Arch, Bruny
  4. Down to a marine cave, Remarkable cave
  5. Catch your fish at Macquarie heads
  6. Impressive Nature at Burbury lake
7 days itinerary Tasmania Hobart and peninsula

No pen right now to write down these places? Download the complete guide to the Tasman Peninsula to prepare your trip with my personal tips in one travel guide.

My fav’ thing to do in Tasmania: Camp at Fortescue Bay

From far my warmest recommendation if you’re looking for road trip experiences and fun things to do in Tasmania: a night at Fortescue Bay. This one isn’t entirely free – the campground fee is at least 13$ (for 2 people). Also, you’ll need the Park pass as it’s part of Tasman national park. But it’s such a beautiful place that you can’t really forget it on your list.

The Bay is on Tasman Peninsula, 30mn drive away from Port Arthur. Please be careful when going there, since Fortescue is at the end of a sandy path in the forest. Once there, you actually can enjoy free things to do in Tasmania’s most peaceful corner: scuba diving, camping, photographing, hiking, patting wallabies… There is enough to keep you busy for even a few days.


Nature at Fortescue is impressively peaceful. If you’ve got the time, you’ll find hiking trails around. Cape Pillar seems very cool, and I’m sad we had no time to go there. Maybe you can take a look for me! But don’t worry, just spending one night there and waking up on the lake shores will make you feel like in the movie Into the Wild already.

Free things to do in Tasmania: stunning hikes near Fortescue Bay

  • Cape Pillar – 34km from Fortescue Bay road | 2hr hike | Grade 3
  • Canoe Bay – From the campground | 2hr hike | Grade 3

Observe the fairy penguins at the Neck on Bruny Island

When I was told that there are penguins in Australia, I firstly didn’t believe it. My geography wasn’t good enough to know that South of Australia, and Tasmania for that matter, are actually very close to the Antarctica. And that’s how small blue penguins make Melbourne or Tasmania their home.

So, logically: one of my favourite things to do in Tasmania is to glimpse at night these little creatures. At the Neck on Bruny Island, there is a spot indicated from the road. People gather there at sunset to observe the fairy penguins coming back from the sea to their home on the shore.

Fun things to do in Tasmania – Practical info about penguin watching at the Neck

Arrive early (at sunset) to secure a spot on the observation deck. Crowded in high season!

Get a front lamp from the organizers on spot

Penguins show their nose around 10pm

Make a cool photo shooting under the Arch, Bruny Island

Since you are on Bruny Island, let’s explore another great spot here: the Arch. You’ll sweat a bit before seeing it but it’s totally worth it, I promise. On the Northern part of the Island, turn at Oysterbay from Bruny island main road. And take the path indicated from the parking spot. It’s quite of a walk among the bush and on a sandy track. We needed around 1hr to reach the beach.

Tasmania road trip - The arch at Bruny island - unepoudredescampette

The Arch waits on a secluded beach, after you cross a kind of stones passage from the main beach. It’s a massive rock formation, making a perfect frame for very cool selfies. Note that I’m otherwise no fan of such activities. But taking selfies at the Arch is definitely on my bucket list of original things to do in Tasmania!

Go down to a marine cave at Remarkable Cave

I really enjoyed this place. Remarkable Cave might be only a short stop-over on your way up from Tasman Peninsula to the East Coast, but it’s one of these little things to do in Tasmania you’ll remember for sure. The natural cave is small but impressive, nested at the bottom of sandstone cliffs. Waves crash against the rocks like crazy. It opens on the wide sea, and it’s a spot for surfers to go.

The small beach in front of the cave is loaded with mystic vibes: you’ll see artefacts coming from Aboriginals who had settled down in the area. Don’t go inside the cave at high tide!

Tasman peninsula road trip - Remarkable cave

Fish salmon at Macquarie heads

On the west coast, Macquarie heads is a place not to miss. Right from the beach, you might catch your own salmon or other fishes I personally do not know… to cook your own dinner by the fire at night. Ocean beach apparently is also a popular place to try your luck.

Make a detour by Burbury lake – New Zealand’s vibes

We discovered this lake at random, on our way from Lake St Clair to Bruny Island. I want to share with you one of these free things to do in Tasmania: a visit to Burbury lake. Because it sticked to my mind, for the impressive scenic drive and the feeling of being back in New Zealand.

Lake Burbury Tasmania road trip

Burbury lake isn’t a common place to go on a Tasmania road trip. Which makes it even more worth the trip! The lake is surrounded by mountains and laid down with very peaceful dark blue waters. Go down with the car, take a walk and some pics. Above all, enjoy the drive around and the absence of tourists.

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