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Travel destinations to explore without moderation!


Solo traveling is a rollercoaster experience. Come with me. Get travel tips I used and tested on the road! Find travel resources for your next trips in Australia, New Zealand or South East Asia – some of the best travel destinations for solo travellers. My travel tips are based on my way of exploring: on the cheap and avoiding tourists as much as possible. For living a different travel experience. And for getting lost sometimes to find incredible places and people!

Where to go for your solo travels? Find my favorite solo travel destinations and their highlights :

Australia – A vast, very vast country! So many landscapes, different people and travellers, that you’ll have the feeling of visiting many countries in one. Perfectly made for solo travellers and backpackers, it was my first travel destination overseas. It’ll be a good start for you and your solo travels.

New Zealand – One of the most incredible travel destinations you can go to! It’s for nature lovers and addicts of wilderness. Gorgeous rainforests, impressive volcanos, placid lakes… your eyes won’t believe what they see, really.

South East Asia – A travel destination for adventurers! South East Asia is the place to be if you need a radical change. Be aware: it won’t let you indifferent. The perfect destination for getting a life-time experience and challenging yourself. And there is everything! Cities with cool nightlife, islands with even cooler nightlife, untouched nature to photograph, elephants, temples. Now, I let you discover the rest!