Australia, or the taste of backpacking life

Let’s go now… to Down under. That you like crazy parties or want to go on road trips in the desert, Australia is the place to be. I give you tested tips from my 2 years of stay in this surprising country.

Why go to Australia, as a solo traveller? It’s the first choice for many backpackers. And there is a reason! It’s an industrialized country, with modern cities. Entirely adapted for backpackers, the country makes a lot of things especially for them – transportation, hostels, bank accounts… You’ll have no problems finding all you need.

What to see in Australia? It’s a huge country (indeed, a continent!). From desertic landscapes to green rainforests or mountains, and white-sand beaches, there is so much to do!

Costs of life? Many people say it’s a very expensive country. And solo travellers often get scared of the costs of life down under. But it’s actually pretty much comparable to living in Europe – in Spain, France or Germany, i.g. I travelled Australia for almost 2 years and I started with 3.000 euros budget. And it was sufficient, as long as working from times to times.

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