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AUSTRALIA SOLO TRAVEL – Tips and solo travel destinations from the road

Down under is one of the best countries to go to start a solo trip – maybe even the perfect destination for solo travel. Australia will give you the taste of solo backpacking. On the remote and preserved west coast or on the touristic east coast, you’ll meet solo travelers from everywhere. It’s the place to be to go on wild road trips in the desert, or to have crazy parties in iconic cities. A solo travel in Australia is definitely a life-time experience. And after 2 years over there, I share with you my tested travel tips and favorite destinations to start your own Australia solo travel.

What to do on a solo travel in Australia?

The country (actually, a continent) is huge, full of totally different landscapes. In fact, solo backpacking Australia feels like traveling different countries. If you like mountains and snow in winter, Victoria’s region is the place to go. Fan of tropical weather and rain forest? Cairns’ area or the northern territories will be your favorite solo travel destinations in Australia.

What to do in Australia, in concrete? There are activities for everyone’s liking. You can’t really miss some iconic things to do on an Australia solo travel, like experiencing Sydney or exploring the great ocean road. But the country is also full of underrated solo travel destinations. The west coast is by far the best spot to go hiking, road tripping, and practicing photography. Pay also a visit to the Tasman island, away from backpackers’ crowds.

My fav’ solo travel destinations in Australia

Some places are better than others when you solo travel Australia. In my opinion, the best destinations to go on solo backpacking should be not that crowded but still easy to travel and to meet fellow travelers. To go off-the-path while being able to meet people! Luckily, there is a good deal of such cool solo travel destinations in Australia. My favorite ones are Tasmania’s east coast, Perth and surroundings, Cairns and the tablelands, or smaller cities like Brisbane. All these places are human-sized, beautifully Australian, and filled with small travelers’ communities.

Why to start a solo travel in Australia, especially on a working holiday visa?

Solo backpacking in Australia is from my experience the easiest place to start a solo trip. The country is made for welcoming backpackers on a working holiday visa and on a solo travel. Australia on a solo travel is a pretty safe experience, as long as you apply common sense of course. Finding a backpacker job is competitive but there are many offers everywhere in the country.

Australia on solo travel: does it have to be expensive?

Australia has got the bad reputation of being an unaffordable place to travel. Truth is, this reputation is exaggerated! Your Australia solo travel won’t necessarily kill your wallet. Working will be inevitable if you want to stay more than a few months. Traveling on a budget will also be necessary – meaning, paying attention to your accommodation and food expenditures. Costs of life are actually comparable to industrialized countries in Europe. Good news is: Australian salaries, even for backpacker jobs, are good. In my case, I came with 3.000 Euros savings and worked for 6 months in total in Australia. This way, I could finance my Australia solo travel for 2 full years, including 6 months in South East Asia and New Zealand. I traveled low cost, but without lacking of anything. So, if budget is a concern for you, don’t make it a blocker to your solo backpacking trip. Go with savings, mix work and travel… and you’ll have a wonderful solo travel experience!