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New Zealand

New Zealand travel tips – For Nature lovers

Why will you fall in love with New Zealand? Very simple: stunning landscapes! It’s still my favorite solo travel destination for practicing nature photography, and exploring untouched Nature. Take with you my travel tips to New Zealand, and especially the north island. Tested tips based on my own New Zealand north island’s road trip. To prepare your future solo travel, or working holiday in New Zealand.

Why to go on a New Zealand north island road trip?

To travel New Zealand is a journey back in time. You drive through virgin landscapes, which could easily belong to a Jurassic park movie. And if the northern part of the country is often forgotten in touristic guides, in comparison to its southern sister, I can guarantee that a New Zealand north island road trip will give you unforgettable memories.

You should definitely put the Kiwis’ islands on your bucket list if you are a Nature lover. From black-sandy beaches to worldwide famous hikes on volcanos or through untouched rainforests, landscapes are of a very special beauty.

If you’re into photography, and you still don’t know where to start: travel New Zealand might be a very good start point! It’s on my north island road trip that I fell for nature photography. Because it’s super easy to get nice shots, as a complete beginner.

How to travel New Zealand? Travel tips, tested on the road.

Before you plan a trip to New Zealand, travel tips regarding how to move around and other practical things are very useful. When going abroad, it’s always good to know how best to explore your destination, what kind of accommodation and climate to expect.

What I can recommend to you, based on my own experience over there:

– New Zealand travel tips about transportation: there are busses, especially on the North Island, linking most important cities. Though, bus connections aren’t very practical. Journeys last long hours. That’s why you’ll enjoy your trip way more by renting a car. It’ll be a better investment than the bus. And above all, you’ll have the freedom to explore remote beautiful places. At your own pace. In my opinion, renting a car for a road trip in New Zealand is necessary.

– Accommodation in New Zealand: travel tips. Hostels aren’t numerous but in main cities and touristic towns like Christchurch or Rotorua, you’ll find what you need. It gets more complicated once you leave for the countryside (a big part of the country). The solution: Airbnbs, motels. Think of booking a bit in advance, to get better prices. In summer, camping with a van or a tent is very nice, also to enjoy fully the Nature.

Best places to visit in New Zealand

If you want to experience the best of the country, the best is to escape from the cities as often as possible. Most beautiful places to see in New Zealand are the landscapes – its volcanos, lakes, glaciers in the South. I personally loved Tongariro volcano, Tangarakau World Heritage Drive, Papamoa beach in Bay of Plenty, or Rotorua and its incredible geysers. You’ll see these stunning places on a road trip on New Zealand’s north island.

New Zealand’s working holiday visa: why to go for it?

If you’re thinking about traveling over there on a working holiday visa, here is why it’ll be the right fit for you. A work and travel in New Zealand will be different than its neighbor Australia. Less crowded and with a temperate climate, the country is definitely made for wilderness lovers. It’s a place to immerse yourself in the Nature, and get disconnected from the hectic life!