Peace, love & rice: travel tips to South East Asia

My absolute favorite solo travel destination: South East Asia! Nothing like what we know, these countries are a real life-time experience. Be aware: it might change you! For the best…

Why go to South East Asia, as a solo traveller? Like Australia, South East Asia is totally a place to meet other backpackers and travellers. From all ages, from all parts of the Globe: travellers are as diversified as the countries! And it’s also a region to experience a radical change from our industrialized countries. Life style, religions and spirituality, landscapes, food: just to name a few things which will surprise you.

What to do there?

There are a few countries you don’t want to miss. Laos is my favorite one: for its stunning landscapes a la Avatar, the locals, the food… and its elephants! It’s just a lot of fun and incredible spots to see.

Cambodia is the cool place to do crazy parties on the beach or in cities. The North East is completely different: national parks with jungle and reserves for elephants.

Now, Vietnam is more touristy. The well-known route from the South to the North is a marathon: a classic itinerary in 14 days for travellers and backpackers.

Thailand is the meeting point for younger travellers, maybe? Full-moon party islands and crazy nightlife in Bangkok: I liked this country actually mostly for its inhabitants. They are so kind and funny.

Indonesia is the latest one I visited. Avoid the way too touristy spots and you’ll enjoy this country. Because it’s also full of spirituality and colors.

Why travel to Laos

Why travel to Laos

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