Is backpacking Vietnam for you?

You like both cities and Nature, beach and mountains

Backpacking Vietnam is everything but boring. For the good reason that landscapes are ever changing. And things to do as well! Busy cities with cool nightlife or rice fields in the middle of nowhere: your Vietnam itinerary will pass by vibrant hotspots like Ho Chi Minh but also by remote places surrounded by Nature, like Dalat.

Vietnamese culture and its History fascinate you

The country of the Rising Sun has a rich History. And for that matter, backpacking Vietnam is like a travel back in time. Many places to visit in Vietnam are marked by French influences, survival of the Colonialism. This European flair gets mixed with ancient Vietnamese traditions and culture. To result in colorful, exotic architecture.

You are on a tight time schedule (and budget)

The good thing with backpacking Vietnam: it’s very doable to travel the country in 2 weeks, from South to North or vice versa.

And alike alike other countries in South East Asia, Vietnam is beloved among backpackers and travelers for its affordable cost of living. Though, backpacking Vietnam is more expensive than traveling Laos or Cambodia.

What places to visit in Vietnam?

As I told you, there are many kind of places to visit in Vietnam. From coastal towns to lost villages in the mountains, or from vibrant cities to mystic temples: Vietnam is rich in landscapes, culture and architecture. All perfect places to practice photography as a beginner!

When backpacking Vietnam, there are a few highlights you don’t want to miss. But even if Vietnam is becoming a touristic destination, you still can find stunning off-the-path places. And I’m happy to share my favorite ones with you!

Dalat: one of the lost places to visit in Vietnam’s mountains! Crazy, because you’ll find labyrinths in bars, a guest house with a cartoon-like architecture. Or taxi drivers always sleeping in their taxis instead of driving. And even warm-hearted locals who invite you at their own table!

Mui Ne: a fishing village, nothing of a common stop in Vietnam travel guides. Authentic, relaxed, with some hidden gems like the Fairy Stream.

How to travel Vietnam

Very simple: by bus! I can’t remember having been so much in the bus than when backpacking Vietnam! Maybe due to the fact that our Vietnam itinerary was pretty condensed – 2 weeks to cross the 1,025 miles (1,650km) long coast. But still, you’ll have to travel by bus most of the time. That’s the most common way on how to travel Vietnam.

There are also trains, but quite expensive and connections aren’t as spread as the bus routes.

And as a tip: you’ll have more freedom by renting a motorbike from times to times. Some beautiful remote places to visit in Vietnam are way easier to reach with a bike. Don’t worry: roads are good, and traffic is light once you’re outside of big cities.