I’m not good at talking.
So, I let photos do the job.

Travel photography –

This is a travel photography gallery born of Wanderlust

Hi there! It’s nice to see you on Poudre d’Escampette’s travel photography gallery. I’m Ophelie, beginner photographer wandering wherever there is inspiration. I capture little and big moments of the traveling life to share them with you. I fell in love with my camera Hypolyte while road tripping New Zealand a year ago. So, let your wind wander through landscape pictures from one edge of the world. Feel light on the top of New Zealand’s volcanos. Fill up your eyes with smooth colors from Australia and Asia. As a way to escape the Ordinary … come with me far away!

Nature pictures - a travel photography gallery from far away


Nature photography, Oceania.

How do you feel?

Me, I am far from the ground.
The head in the clouds.
And the mind in New Zealand.
There, where I started
my photography journey.

A place, where I found out that travel photography tells way more than a boring postcard.

People photo gallery - souls and faces of a travel


There is something with them.


A world of complexity.
I like them most in front of my camera.

A silent way of understanding them.

Bright colors - impressions of vibrant landscapes

I am

Landscape pictures in Asia and Oceania.

These landscape pictures are my favorite ones on this travel photography blog. They are the happy soul of my gallery, the colorful strike of Poudre d’Escampette. Sometimes peaceful. Sweet like a marshmallow. Other times exuberant. Always intense.They are landscape photos which make you feel extatic. Or calm. But above all, alive. That’s how I feel when I capture such photos on the road. And that’s what makes me addictive to the camera.


– Creative images photography from travels in Australia and New Zealand.
How to talk about creative photography in a few words? Out-of-the-box. No rules. Freedom.
I love twisting travel photos into something
I hadn’t seen first on the images – colors, shapes, textures…
other worlds appear. Arty snaps takes us to other dimensions.

Let’s go crazy. Let’s be arty.

Creative images - just to travel a bit more with the imagination

How to get cool photos as beginner - Things to think of

How to get
nice pictures when you begin in travel photography? I mean, how to get very
cool photos looking Instagram-like to put on your own travel photography
gallery, being beginner behind the lens? You know what, it’s not
that difficult. Here are some basic things to think of.


Yes, it’s almost like choosing your next date. Not every
camera fits to every one! Look on specialized photo blogs and ask questions
in store. I gathered some examples of travel cameras for
beginners, as starting point.


Very important point in travel photography, a place has to fulfil some conditions, above all for beginners.

# Acceptable weather. To get good light conditions. 

# Accessible location. Unless you’re a professional climber, a diver or addict to extreme sports. 

# Travel destinations with diversity to photograph. To practice landscape photo, street photo, portrait, macro… in short, to have a bit of everything to test as beginner photographer!

Travel photo gear

 You won’t need the same than a studio photographer. So, it’s worth to think about what gear you need… and especially what you don’t! Honestly, no need to spend a fortune in gear to get awesome photos. As long as you’re standing at a place which inspires you…

Basic knowledge of the camera

I think here of the triangle aperture – speed – ISO. Listen to and read some photo tutorials  before starting. It’ll give you more confidence and nice results quickly.

Your own passion!

That, you don’t buy it. If you feel this little butterfly in you when you take out your camera. Or if you wake up before everyone to photograph this sunrise… you’re definitely made for travel photography! / you’ll definitely take the best pics for your next travel photography gallery!