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Travel to Lanzarote - How, when & other Tested Tips

Author Ophelie Harnichard Blog

Written by Ophelie
Published 11th May 21
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Travel to Lanzarote, you’re thinking of it? Then you’re having a great idea! Lanzarote isn’t an island like the others. Away from the other Canary islands, it’s also the less touristic one. And the most uncommon one! Like no other, Lanzarote can show off with an impressive volcanic landscape. But how to travel to Lanzarote? When to visit? Where to stay? Take my tested travel tips to Lanzarote, based on my 3 weeks stay on this very special piece of earth!

Travel to Lanzarote - How, when & other stuff


  1. How to travel to Lanzarote
    1. By plane
    2. By ferry
  2. When to go to Lanzarote
    1. Climate
    2. Affluence
  3. Tips once in Lanzarote
    1. Where to stay in Lanzarote
    2. What to do 
    3. Safety
    4. Drive around
    5. Visa and vaccination

Travel to Lanzarote – How?

By plane and ferry

How to travel to Lanzarote? Well, since it’s an island, the answer is pretty simple: by plane! A ferry is an option only when coming from Fuerteventura, the closest point to Lanzarote, the Canary island.

Secret place at Lanzarote_me - Unepoudredescampette
Hidden place in Lanzarote - ©Unepoudredescampette

Flights from the Spanish mainland are affordable and without stop-over, mostly. If you are already in the Canary islands, you can even book last minute. I flew for 51 Euros from Gran Canaria, and I booked two days before departure, in September.

How to find flight and accommodation at a cheap rate, when traveling to Lanzarote? I give you here my tested tip; I use the price comparator Trivago. They look for the best deals based on your travel destination. This is an affiliate link, redirecting you to the deals comparator Trivago.

Travel to Lanzarote - Famara surfing beach -

Famara beach – Lanzarote

When to visit Lanzarote? Climate and affluence.

Here again, the answer is quite simple: the weather is nice around the year in the best Canary island, I named Lanzarote. It’s hot and dry basically from April to November.

Climate table - Travel to Lanzarote - Unepoudredescampette

When to travel to Lanzarote? For each month: temperatures in degree celsius, rain days, touristic affluence.

It rains little on average, all year long. But it’s packed with tourists in July – August. So, depending on what you want to do in Lanzarote, there are periods better than others to travel to Lanzarote.

If you want to avoid tourists’ crowds, I recommend not to go in June, July and August. The best months are between September and May.

Because it’s a windy island, Lanzarote has got some of the best places to surf, in the Canary islands. If you’re an experimented surfer, choose to go to La Santa or Quemao. There are the largest waves in Europa. When? In winter and autumn.

If you want to learn surfing, go to Famara (one of the best places in Lanzarote to stay). All year, the climate and waves are perfect for beginners.

For beginner photographers, I’d tell you to go when tourists aren’t there. So, between September and May. To give you a comparison, I went myself to practice landscape photography in the month of September.

Travel tips – The essential to know to travel to Lanzarote

Where to stay in Lanzarote

The volcanic island of Lanzarote might not be the one with the largest choice in terms of accommodation. Because of the lack of competition between hotels and guest houses. it’s definitely not the cheapest island in terms of accommodation. In summer, I’d recommend to book in advance.

If you’re a solo traveler, you’ll find some hostels, mostly in Arrecife, Lanzarote’s capital, and Famara, the famous surf spot. In Famara, I stayed myself at a great place, Yokomo Surf. The owner and guests are super nice, it’s also a surf school, and I really didn’t want to leave! You’ll pay from 18 Euros in a dorm for 1 night, or 28 in a private room. Simple accommodation, friendly and next to the beach.

Another way to stay in Lanzarote is through Air Bnb. In Soo, my tested accommodation was Oasis Surf House. Neat place, with pool, and nice atmosphere. Air Bnbs are maintained by locals and spread in remote places on Lanzarote. It’s affordable, and a good way to socialize as solo traveler, or to find affordable private rooms as a couple or a family of travelers.

Resorts and hotels are too expensive, for my liking. They’re located in crowded places, like Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca. And the tourists there are rather not the ones you want to spend time with if you like a chill and familiar atmosphere.

Travel to Lanzarote - Airbnb Oasis surf house -

Guest house at Soo, Lanzarote

What to do on the island

If you travel to Lanzarote, it’s because you’re probably seeking a unique and away from the civilization’s destination! So, what to do there?

  • Explore volcanic, unique landscapes
  • Practice landscape and seascape photography
  • Do surfing, as a pro or a beginner
  • Do hiking among lava fields and volcanos
  • Relax on colorful beaches
  • Visit the crazy creations of Cesar Manrique
  • Eat very yummy fish
  • Get to know locals and cool solo travellers (my own experience speaks here)

Safety on travel

To travel to Lanzarote, visit and stay on the island is very safe! I traveled this Canary island on my own, as a female solo traveler, and really didn’t get any trouble. It’s a peaceful island. Locals are also friendly, above all in places away from the crowds. Bear in mind that locals, even in touristic places, speak mostly Spanish.

Drive around

How to visit Lanzarote? As a solo traveler, I rented a car. It’s the best way to travel the island off the beaten track, and with total freedom. To do a photo trip, it’s also the best option. 

The other option is taking the bus to explore Lanzarote. Though, I don’t recommend it, as I experienced myself the sporadic bus connections, the delays or the bus simply not coming!

And to put you at ease with renting a car: it’s surprisingly cheap. I used to pay up to 15 euros per day, in 2019. Best is to book the car online a few days in advance, and pick it up at the airport. Make a search on a comparator before renting at the airport.

Car rental in Lanzarote 

Prices: from 36 euros for 1 rental day, with minimal insurance. 

Comparator: Rentalcars.

Companies: Interrent, Sixt, TopCar (the one I tried with no issues), Budget

On this tourism website dedicated to the island, more info about rental companies, bike or moto rentals.

Visa and vaccination

If you have got a European passport, you’ll need no visa to travel to Lanzarote. For non-Europeans, check what you need to travel to Spain. Lanzarote belongs to the Canary islands, part of the Spanish country.

There is no specific vaccination required to travel to Lanzarote. Anywhere you travel, I’d recommend to you to check for your basic vaccinations – DTP, Hepatitis A + B, MMR. So, make sure to be up-to-date with the standard vaccines, and others you would do in your home country. Of course, don’t hesitate to go to your doctor before your road trip. It’s always a good occasion to check your health and vaccines!

Regarding Covid, for sure you’ll have to fill a control form, as I’m updating these lines in March 2022. But you’ll need a certificate of full vaccination, an antigen test or a certificate of recovery. It also depends if you come from the EU or not, from a high risk country or not. At best, see all requirements on the Spanish government website.

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