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Munich, Germany.

Hi there! Nice to meet you. I am Ophelie, French-born "poudre d'escampette".

I’m a French girl.  Shy French girl actually, until I get Rum and Coke. But that’s a different story. I’m above all a solo traveler. A dreamer. The mind always on the moon. And on this travel photography blog, I will tell you more about solo travel, what is awesome and also what is sometimes less awesome. I will show you pieces of the world through my travel photography – with Hypolyte, my Frenchie camera.  But first, I will tell you how Poudre d’Escampette started.

Little tips make big trips…

This is the latest tip for you, if you are …

Solo travel, me? Why I thought I would never do that...

Let’s be honest. When I first thought of solo traveling, I didn’t take myself seriously. I’m chaotic, and an absolute desaster with planning… How could I possibly manage to travel solo?! It might seem scary at first sight. Plus, solo travel takes something. Courage? Madness? Both of them. But there is something even scarier – not trying and having regrets. I guess, I just did let the travel bug take possession of me.

And that happened when I left France at 22 to study marketing in Germany. On my own. The expat’ life immediately thrilled me. Four crazy years in Germany passed. And Europe got too small for me. What better than going to the other end of the world, then? I had no plan, not a lot of money – some things never change! I had only one obsession – traveling Australia on a Working holiday visa … solo. 

I took off from Germany to Brisbane with only two nights booked at a hostel. It was in March 2017. Two years later, I am still scared of insects and darkness at night, but … 


'Traveling is like dating ... you only know how it starts.'

... and how I happened to love it

… I have fallen in love on paradise beaches, in the rainforest, on top of a volcano or lost in Asian mountains. I have traveled with strangers and loved it. I haved lived like Robinson Crusoe – literally – on a Cambodian island. I have slept in the jungle at the sound of a waterfall. I have worked in the middle of nowhere, among kangaroos in Australia. I have seen crazy things.

I have also cried. I have said bye to people I didn’t want to say bye. I have got lost a fair amount of times. Sometimes, I don’t know where I belong anymore. It is the side effect of being a world wanderer.

Truth is, solo travel is chaotic. Because it is actually about getting lost, taking life how it comes. Following your instinct. And that’s why I got into it.

First solo travel? Ask for personal photo or travel tips

Poudre d’Escampette is there to help! I’m solo traveler, like you. I know how exciting but challenging it is to solo travel. Hit me a message for any personal tip about Working Holiday in Australia or general travel questions

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How Poudre d'Escampette became a travel photography blog

My travel photography blog was born in the Australian mountains. I lived for a few weeks surrounded by kangaroos, parrots and a bunch of authentic Aussie farmers. I had enough inspiration to write about my solo travel life. I had also time to photograph the most memorable sunsets and sunrises I’ve ever seen. And because I had so much fun chasing photos, the idea of a travel photo blog seemed a nice one to me.

“Poudre d’Escampette” became later on a travel blog with trip tips. Because? First, I realized that tourist tours are aweful. I decided that I should help other solo travellers to get around by themselves.

Second, solo traveling is not a pink pony world every day. And I hope that one of my tips, articles or just some of my words will help another traveller somewhere on this Globe. And maybe, it’s you?

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