Who I am

Who is Poudre d’escampette? All about down here!

Behind the blog name – the one where I explain some French.

Who I am? A French-born “poudre d’escampette”

Poudre d’escampette is a French phrase we use to talk about sailing away and taking the road just to feel alive. In short, it could be anyone exploring some corner of the world.

I’m Ophélie, author of this photo and travel blog. I don’t know when I got travel addict. Is it when I took the plane for the first time off to Scotland? When I went on my first backpacking trip to Spain? Or as I left France at 22 to live and study in Germany for four amazing years? I guess that I was thrilled with the feeling of excitement and anxiety which each wanderer knows before leaving. And since you never get enough as a traveler, I went to Australia at age 27 for a  backpacking year after having graduated in languages and marketing.

Photo and travel blog – what is it about?

My blog is about travels in words and in pictures. I want to share my impressions, travel tips and photos with blog readers. My travel blog aims to provide you with some guide lines to prepare your future trips. I also love writing. And since I have recently started photographing, this blog is now a way to share travel stories and tips through words and photos.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’d be happy to hear from you!

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